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5 Facts you didn’t know about Solar Energy

With energy bills sky-rocketing, renewable energy and getting your home off-grid is an investment for the future. Solar energy, in particular, is booming with over 1.7 million rooftops across Australia already using solar panels.

Solar energy systems offer a huge range of benefits for your home or business including sustainable, 100% renewable energy supply, but more importantly it supplies FREE energy.

But let’s leave the practical facts aside and talk about some fun facts about solar. So, here’s 5 interesting facts about solar energy that might help you see the light!

Solar energy is almost 200 years old

Rooftop solar
Solar power was discovered by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839 when he found the ‘photovoltaic effect’ of electricity generation from direct sunlight. Jump forward to 1941 with the invention of transistors and inventor Russell Ohl who created the solar cell.

NASA has been using solar energy since the 1950s

Solar panels on a satellite
That’s right – the space industry was one of the first adopters of solar technology. NASA opted for solar technology aboard the satellite Vanguard 1. It’s currently the oldest satellite in orbit and it uses solar panels!

The World’s largest solar farm is in…

Solar energy farm

China boasts the world’s largest solar farm in Tengger Desert Solar Park, Ningxia. The desrrt civer 36,700 km in Mongolia and the solar farm cover 1,200km.

India is also growing heavily investing in its solar power and is building large farms in order to compete with China and other large economies.

It’s 100% renewable and 100% safe

Child swings in the sun
Solar energy is completely renewable. Given the lifespan of the sun is another 5 billion years we have plenty of time left to harness its energy. It’s 100% clean, meaning it gives off no harmful waste bi-products, like nuclear energy or fossil fuels and it could if homes that have solar panels have the ability to become 100% self-sustaining.

You can store solar energy in salt

A salt plain
We wrote a blog post about this some time ago including the Californian solar farm that can store 10 hours of energy in their salt tower.  By storing solar energy in molten salt solar farms create a battery, of sorts, to store energy for when the sun isn’t shining.

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  • I’ve been hearing a lot about solar panels lately, and was curious about how they would benefit me. I had no idea that the space programs were actually one of the first to take on solar power! It would be nice to know that you will be getting power from the sun instead of different sources.

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