Victorian Solar homes program

In the first half of 2020 the Solar Homes Program released 33,500 rebates to Victorians for owners and occupiers, community houses and renters.

They have now released the following information for the second half of this year.

Solar homes program 2020 release information

There will be 32,500 solar rebates available from 1st July – 31st December 2020. After 1st July, the maximum rebate has changed from $1,888 to $1,850 – not a huge decrease, but worth noting. Their reasoning is:

“as technology improves and product prices reduce – we expect reputable, progressive operators to find efficiencies and deliver continued reductions in the prices of fully installed solar PVs and batteries consistent with the price reductions that have been seen over recent years, while also maintaining and improving quality and customer experience. ”

The battery rebate program will be expanded to encourage demand on battery installation and Victoria’s use of solar energy battery storage.


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Solar homes rebate amounts 2020


There are additional demands on solar energy installers, such as installations that must adhere to the Victorian Government’s ban on e-waste landfill and no prosections listed with WorkSafe in the last 3 years. We must also participate in the Clean Energy Regulator’s Solar Panel Validation scheme.


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