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How businesses lose money through wasted energy

Energy bills are expensive. If you own or manage a business then they’re REALLY expensive. Some Australian businesses will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on energy a year.
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Here are some energy guzzlers that could cause your business loses money through wasted energy

1. Poorly insulated windows.

Offices with windows in Australia are often poorly insulated, single glazed and can have poor fittings which allow drafts. Place your hand along the edges of your office’s windows, if you can feel a draft, then that’s summer’s warm air heating up your air-conned office, or winter’s freezing chill cooling down the lovely warm office temperature.

According to poorly insulated windows and skylights can cause a loss of up to 40% of your building’s heat during the winter. Assume you can add an extra 25% that to your pricey energy bill during winter!

2. Lights left on.

An obvious energy-sucker. If your colleagues and office leave the lights on all night and weekend, that’s a huge waste of energy. Even with energy efficient LEDs, it’s an unnecessary use of energy and will decrease the life span of your tubes/bulbs over time.

3. Close those windows/Open those windows.

  • In winter, when the heating is cranked up and you get too hot, turn the heating down – don’t open the windows!
  • If it’s summer and the room is too cold, turn the air con down, don’t open a window.
  • Don’t leave windows and doors open while the air con or heating are on
  • Try and open a window for some fresh air before reaching for the air con as it might be enough and could save some energy

4. Keep the thermostat down

Room temperature is a controversial topic of any office. Mark Zukerberg swears by 15°C (source). And did you know that for every degree your thermostat is turned down you save between 1 and 3% of your heating bill? So keep an eye on that thermostat!

5. Upgrade your lights.

Energy efficient lights like halogen downlights, fluorescent tubes and outdated highbays can be huge energy guzzlers. Upgrading to LED lights can reduce your lighting costs as little as 66% or as much as 85%! We have some great examples of companies who can expect to save hundreds of thousands of dollars just from upgrading their lights. Check out our case studies here.

Side bonus; LED lights are much cooler to run, so they may even decrease your summer air conditioning costs!

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