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Can we upgrade lights to LED in lamps?

Do we update lights not in the ceiling

One of our frequently asked questions is:

Can we upgrade lights from CFL to LED under the VEU (previously called VEET) program, for free, on lights that aren’t in the ceiling? This could include outside lights and CFLs in lamps. 

The great news is yes, we can.


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The VEU program allows the upgrade of CFLs to LED to decrease the energy consumption of homes and businesses across Victoria. This incentive is a follow-on from the state’s former offer; to upgrade incandescent lights to CFL. CFLs are now eligible for upgrade to LED, which are even more efficient. We have an infographic comparing the two here.

This upgrade isn’t restricted to lights in your home’s ceilings, but can also apply to other locations around your property that have CFLs. If you have CFLs, we can upgrade them! This includes lamps and outdoor fitting.


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If you’re unsure if you’re eligible for a free upgrade or if your fittings will be included, then give us a call (1300 788 776) and we can help.


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