Case study for an LED upgrade at Channel 7

Channel 7 Case Study

Many of us grew up with Channel 7 shows beaming into our lounge room: Blue Heelers, A Country Practice, Home and Away, My Kitchen Rules, AFL footy on the weekends and news every night at 6pm.

channel 7 lights

But life behind the cameras can be tough work: Hours spent capturing minutes of footage and long days under hot, bright lights. It’s glamorous yet gruelling work.

Channel 7 originally engaged Energy Makeovers just to upgrade their car park. But once they experienced the brighter, cooler LEDs that we installed, we were invited behind the scenes to upgrade the studios as well.

In an effort to maintain the costly craft of home-grown entertainment, Channel 7 must squeeze every dollar out of their operational expenses. Replacing their old, inefficient lighting to to LED was an easy way to save 66% on their lighting bills every year.

But there were other benefits vying for centre stage.

LED lights are considerably cooler than their halogen equivalent, which can run to 300 degrees. Studios require a lot of light and carefully engineered angles to make actors and presenters look their best, but it does come at a cost: it can get really hot.

Reducing maintenance costs and interruptions was also important. LED lights last up to 10 years, which means that there is minimal maintenance required. When you’re in the business of show and live entertainment, a blown light can bring a set to a standstill.

So with cost-saving, cooler output and more reliable performance, LED quickly became the star of the show.

The Channel 7 upgrade required a prime-time performance but outside recording hours. Their studios operate all year round, so most of the work Energy Makeovers undertook happened outside of standard business hours.

electrician installing lights at Channel 7

Another consideration was the careful angle of the lights already installed. They were specifically designed by lighting engineers. Energy Makeovers’ own electricians had to pay careful attention to ensure the new lights replicated the precise angles of their predecessors.

The new LEDs dramatically reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but also create cooler lighting in the studios. The longer life of LEDs – 10 years – means that less disruption is caused by maintaining faulty lights.

channel 7 studio

Areas upgraded: Studio, storage, car-park
Number of lights installed: 753 x 1200mm tubes
Money saved: $21,257.60 per year
Carbon abated: 92,374 tonnes


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