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Case Study: Toy Kingdom upgrade their lights to LED

Toy Kingdom; a thriving local Melbourne toy store decided it was time to upgrade their lights to LED. They selected Energy Makeovers to complete their upgrade. The store’s manager admitted to our Team he was a little sceptical of the projected savings but after seeing his new quarterly electricity bill he’s agreed; upgrading to LEDs was the right move as their lighting bill dropped by 89%.

Toy Kingdom LED upgrade Case study

Toy Kingdom’s upgrade required 59 highbay 400 watt lights to be retrofitted to 59×40 watt LED highbays. This upgrade has had a significant decrease in the energy required to light the store.

This has led to savings of:

From $16,433 per year spent on lighting to $1,689.63 now spent on lighting

The total savings over 5 years are $73,000+ and this upgrade created 1,265 VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates). Each VEEC accounts for 1 tonne of carbon emissions abated.

Toy Kingdom has drastically reduced their bill and has done their bit for the environment.

Areas upgraded: store, storage and office
Number of lights installed: 59 x 600x600mm LED panels
Money saved: $14,744.360 per year
Carbon abated: 1,263 tonnes


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