Clean Energy Council reaches a 5,000 milestone

1 in 5 homes have solar

As popularity and demand for solar grows throughout Australia businesses and homes are installing solar panels to their properties at a faster rate than at any other time in our country’s history.


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The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia and they’re “committed to accelerating the transformation of Australia’s energy system to one that is smarter and cleaner.”

Through their program solar installers can become ‘Accredited’ and this means the installer is required to meet the CEC’s extremely high standards for safety and performance and uphold the reputation of the Australian rooftop solar industry. When hiring an installer who has this accreditation Australians can feel reassured they’re hiring an expert.

The CEC recently reached an important milestone; they’re 5,000th registered Accredited solar PV installer.

Growth of 1,567%

In 11 years their Accredited Installer program has grown from 300 in 2007 to over 5,000 in 2018 and according to the CEC:

“More than one in five Australian households now have solar panels on their roof, making Australia the world leader in rooftop solar installations per capita.”

This growth is a reminder of the growth of solar PV in Australia and the increase in demand for installation.

Solar PV installation from a CEC Accredited installer

Energy Makeovers hire in-hour solar installers. All of our solar installers are Accredited by the CEC and we’re proud of the high quality of our work.


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