Commercial solar for small businesses

installing solar panels

If you own or run a small business solar energy can be a fantastic investment that can increase your profits and dramatically decrease your energy bills. If you’re not sure why solar energy is a great investment right now here’s why it definitely is:

  1. Solar energy products and parts are cheaper than they’ve ever been
  2. Grid-energy retailer costs are some of the highest they’ve ever been (and some of the highest in the world)
  3. Some energy-retailers will pay you for your excess energy (here’s 2018’s feed-in tariff rates)

What’s the payback period for solar?

Thanks to solar energy products and installations becoming cheaper the average payback period for small businesses is 3 years.

What counts as a small business?

The ASIC defines a ‘small business’ as a company with two out of these three characteristics:

  • an annual revenue of less than $25 million
  • fewer than 50 employees at the end of the financial year, and
  • consolidated gross assets of less than $12.5 million at the end of the financial year.

For more information on solar power in Australia why not check out our infographic.

For more information about solar energy for a small business Solar Quotes has a fantastic article with some handy information.


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