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Does a solar energy system increase your property value?

Australia homes with solar power

If you’re a property owner, your home (and other properties) is/are your biggest asset/s. Looking after property assets and ensuring growth in value is a significant part of your financial future.

Some additions you can make to a home are not always financially beneficial. For example, a pool. Although it may seem crazy, I mean who doesn’t love a pool in the summer? – some families don’t want to live in a home with a pool, so the cost of building one doesn’t add to the overall value of the property.

Do solar panels add value to your property?

Australians understand a lot more about solar power than they used to. 25% of Victoria’s energy will be supplied by renewables by 2020 (source) and 1 in 5 homes across Australia now a have solar energy system installed. So buyers in the market for a new property are likely to understand what a solar energy system does and have at least a basic idea of how they work and the benefits they bring to a home.

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According to, “new research showed properties with sustainable features such as solar panels, battery packs and rainwater tanks have been selling faster and at higher prices than homes without the eco-friendly features.”

With a difference in price of 10% and sustainable homes took 13 days less to sell. (source)

“Installing solar panels is one of the safest and wisest investments you can make when improving your home.”  (source)

Homes with sustainable or renewable additions create a great sweet spot for customers who like sustainability and also like reducing energy costs, which are sky-high around Australia.

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