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Energy Assessment Grants in the City of Yarra

Yarra Energy Foundation

Energy Makeovers are proud to partner with Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) to deliver energy efficiency audits and upgrades within the City of Yarra that qualify for grant funding through Sustainability Victoria’s Better Commercial Buildings Program.

Businesses are encouraged to register interest via YEF for an energy assessment grant to identify and implements energy efficiency upgrades that will lead to an improvement in performance of their commercial building/s. This can include offices, hotels, retail and data centres and some mixed-used buildings.

The program offers:

  1. Energy audits
  2. Energy efficiency upgrades
  3. Measurement and verification of efficiency improvement
  4. facilitation of access to 3rd party finance to assist with upgrades

Find out more here  or here

By increasing the energy efficiency of a commercial building you can:

  • Decrease your energy costs
  • Increase tenant satisfaction
  • Lower vacancy rates
  • Decrease tenant turn over
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase asset value
  • And more!

YEF will be able to advise if you are eligible for grant funding under the program and will assist you to complete the application.  Energy Makeovers congratulates YEF on this initiative and is proud to be the delivery partner for the program.

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