Every state broke a record

There’s no doubt about it, the stats show how much Australia loves solar energy. Especially small-scale rooftop solar – that’s homes and small businesses installing solar energy systems on their rooftops, for the purposes of reducing their energy costs and dependence on grid energy.

We have done a 2 part-post on the Clean Energy Australia report for 2019 and within the report, they had some really interesting stats on solar energy installations in 2019 that we wanted to highlight:

  • 2.2 CW of rooftop solar installed across the country in 2019

Every state had an increase in solar energy installations and 2019 broke the previous record set in 2018 of 1.6GW installed and doubled installation figures for 2o17. NSW did lead the way with installs and Victoria came in third with 59,610 installs.


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“Victoria’s 2019 performance is even more remarkable considering that the state’s small-scale solar industry effectively ground to a halt for several months in 2019. Following stronger than expected demand for its Solar Homes Program, the Victorian Government suspended rebates in April 2019″. (source) The program was halted several times after as monthly caps were put in place each month and were hit within minutes or hours of reopening. A clear indication of the popularity of the program but it has caused some disruption to installs and the stats for Victoria.

annual solar pv installs 2019

  • 686 Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers

The number has increased from 166 Approved Solar Retailers at the end of 2018. It was a requirement that installers who wanted to pass on the Solar Rebate to customers must be an Approved Solar Retailer to ensure high-quality installations and consistency across the industry. Energy Makeovers are proud to be an Approved Solar Retailer from the beginning of the program.

Annual installed capacity of solar PV

  • 6,566 Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers

An increase from 5,864 in 2018; it means that Australian consumers can rest assured their installs will be done safely and their products are protected by warranties and high standards when completed.


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Number of accredited installers and designers

Here is the top solar postcode for each state by number of installations.

top solar installs by postcode 2019

“Medium-scale solar’s impact on the Australian renewable energy industry continues to grow, with the sector responsible for 1.3 per cent of Australia’s total renewable generation in 2019. And its influence is only expected to increase in the coming years as more businesses, schools and governments recognise the significant cost and  missions
reductions benefits of solar.”

“After announcing its arrival in 2018 as a serious player in the Australian renewable energy sector, largescale solar continued its upward trajectory in 2019. More than two-thirds of the new large-scale projects commissioned in 2019 were solar.”

  • Interesting stats from large-scale solar:
  • Large-scale solar created 10,800+ jobs in 2019
  • Large-scale solar generated 7.6GW of new clean energy capacity
  • Solar accounts for approximately 60% of new renewable energy projects being built

” most of the states and territories are investing strongly in a clean energy future”…

The report for 2020 will be interesting to see, especially the unfortunate impact Covid-19 will have had on installations and growth in the industry. We hope it won’t have slowed solar growth down too much and we continue to see positive growth in the industry.


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