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How air-con reduction could reduce blackouts across Australia

ESIA calls for state incentives to decrease summer blackouts

A total 4% annual reduction of total electricity consumption has been achieved by energy savings upgrades under the schemes in Victoria, NSW, SA and ACT from 2009 to 2017, including the LED upgrades Energy Makeovers are proud to undertake across Victoria. This is saving more than 5 million MWh of electricity annually and delivering annual customer bill savings greater than $1 billion.

But the ESIA (Energy Savings Industry Association) believes more can be done and with Australia’s record-breaking summers creating blackouts and hotters summers predicted to be on their way, thanks to climate change, they’re asking for the state governments to step in an incentivise energy-saving initiatives like ‘demand reduction air conditioning upgrades’.

“The forecast blackout threats for this coming summer in Victoria could be avoided with a highly targeted, aggressive demand reduction air conditioning upgrade program rolled out over several months. In addition, air conditioners could be turned off during critical peak times using demand  Response Enabling Device (DRED) capacity,” said the President of the Energy Savings Industry  Association (ESIA), Mr Rod Woolley.”

Air conditioning is an energy-intensive technology and they could be turned off during critical peak times using Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) capacity. Most properties, both business and residential across Victoria do not have air conditioning with this technology available, but if they did an initiative like this could have avoided last summer’s forced 200 MW of load shedding.

“Target setting for the 2021 to 2025 period is under way, with targets to be announced during 2020  for Victoria, NSW and SA”


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