How long is the free led upgrade available

Free LED upgrades are currently available in homes and businesses around Victoria, thanks to the incentives under the VEU program that encourages residents of Victoria to complete energy efficiency upgrades and reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs.

It’s an excellent program that has had hundreds of thousands of customers taking advantage of the incentives. Energy Makeovers, alone, has helped upgrade enough homes and businesses to abate over 4 million tonnes of carbon from Australia.


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This program has been running for many years, previously called VEET, but the free upgrade offer won’t last forever.

As of June 2021, the free LED offer will end. This means we’ll no longer be able to attend residential properties and businesses to install free LEDs with installation included. Any LED upgrades you require will come with a cost (price TBA).

So, if you want to take advantage of the free LED upgrade offer available in Victoria, before it’s gone, you should do that now before you miss out!


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