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How solar power can benefit businesses

how solar can benefit businesses

If you own or manage a business, keeping costs low and profits high will (presumably) be one of your main business goals. Of course, combine this with happy employees, a business that works for the community and one that doesn’t damage the environment (where possible).


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Here’s how installing a solar energy system for your business will help your business achieve its goals.

The savings:

If you install a solar energy system for your business you reduce your dependence on grid-supplied energy. This gives your business control over its energy costs. You can either begin to rely almost completely on your own energy generation or you can facilitate your energy system to supply solar energy during peak demands and expensive periods of the day/year to reduce your grid-energy needs. This will reduce your energy costs overall and will help the solar energy system pay for itself.

Consider that solar energy installation has never been cheaper and electricity rates and retail costs have never been higher!

Energy prices have more than doubled in the last 10 years.

Energy Prices

Real electricity and gas price increases, 2003 to 2013 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Solar energy systems pay for themselves, typically, within 5 years.

Besides the immediate effects to your current energy bill, a solar energy system is an investment for the future. It can help to protect your business against inevitable future price hikes, swings in energy tariffs and the unpredictability of the fossil fuel market.


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We appreciate sometimes it can be hard to get the budget approved for the initial investment of a solar energy system, but there are often federal and/or state government incentives to help.

We have written before about feed-in-tariffs, which are available and beneficial to your property where rates and scheduling can work in conjunction with your energy supply and demand.

STCs (small-scale technology certificates) are available to businesses. We have written about STCs before. Once the installation is complete, registration certificates can be applied for, in much the same way as VEEC certificates are created for energy efficiency solutions around Victoria; the certificates are then traded for value and this value can be used to offset the cost of installation.

Unfortunately, the Victorian Solar Rebate doesn’t apply to businesses at the moment.

The environment:

Sustainability, ‘being green’ or carbon neutrality might not be a priority for your business, but more businesses across Australia are valuing the benefits that come from being more ‘eco’; the positive spin it adds to your brand and employee favourability of an employer that makes an effort to support the environment.

More than 78% of Victorians believe climate change requires urgent action (according to Sustainability Victoria) and over 73% would preference businesses that show they care about climate change.

These numbers speak for themselves. Place your business or brand above the competition by grabbing the attention of those customers who appreciate a business that invests in renewable energy.

Did you know:

“every kilowatt-hour of electricity generated by a commercial solar system reduces fossil fuel generation by around 1 kilowatt-hour” (source)


Important information about Feed-in-tariffs:

Using the energy your solar energy system creates is more financially beneficial than exporting your energy to the grid. This is because feed-in-tariffs are not what they once were and it’s more efficient for you to use your own company’s energy supply than sell it on.


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