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Millions of us across the country have been working from (and staying) home for months to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This has meant a huge change to the way our communities are using infrastructure, transportation and the impact we have on the environment.

“Air pollution levels have dropped significantly since measures such as quarantines and shutdowns were put in place to contain COVID-19. Around the world, levels of harmful pollutants like NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide), SO2 (sulfur dioxide) and PM2.5 (small particulate matter) have plummeted—at least, while shutdowns continue.” source

“Local air and water quality have dramatically improved in several areas that have implemented shutdowns.

Emissions have dropped, and worldwide, the demand for coal and oil is lower than it has been in a long time ­– due in large part to the decline in demand from transport and slowdown in manufacturing.

Reports of animals coming out to breed and play while humans are locked inside are being celebrated, and the profile of the illegal wildlife trade issue has been raised.” source

It’s hard to say what the long term impact will be, although almost half of us never want to return to working in the office – and it’s certainly highlighted the impact scaling back our effects on our environments can have.


Residential LED upgrades Commercial LED upgrades

With so many working or staying home, now is an excellent time to take advantage of incentives like free LED Upgrades and upgrade your office or home to LED. If you manage an office or shop that is closed and employees are staying home, our team can safely and quickly attend your property and upgrade the lights to LED before you reopen and your staff return.

Or, while you’re working from home or staying home our certified electrician can visit your property and upgrade the lights throughout to LED. If you’re home anyway, why not?

We take the safety and security of our customers and employees very seriously. and to reassure our commercial and residential customers, we have increased the cleanliness our installations; we fully sanitise surfaces, our installers wear masks and gloves and we can test temperatures of fittings if required.


Residential LED upgrades Commercial LED upgrades



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