How to choose a solar installer for the solar rebate

eligible installers for the solar rebate

Can you get access to the Victorian solar rebate from any installer?

In August 2018 the Victorian Government announced an up-to 50% rebate for 24,000 households to install a solar energy system and by March they had received over 30,000 applications and the application system was closed in April. The applications remain closed until July 2019. As of 1st July, the applications will open up again, but there will be some changes, including installers that will be eligible to take part in the incentive.

What does the Victorian Government solar rebate package offer?

“The Solar Homes package is about giving Victorian households greater control over their household bills.

Eligible households can claim a rebate up to $2,225 on the cost of a solar panel (PV) system or a $1,000 rebate for the replacement of hot water systems with solar hot water.

From July 2019, Victorians will be able to install an eligible 4kW solar panel system for half price and pay the rest of the cost back over four years with an interest-free loan.

This ten-year Program includes:

• $850M for solar panels on 700,000 homes, including 50,000 renters*
• $60M for solar hot water for 60,000 homes
• $40M to support the purchase of batteries for 10,000 homes*

Households will only be eligible for one rebate under the Program (i.e. a household that accesses a solar hot water rebate cannot claim a solar PV rebate). Rebates are available for systems installed from 19 August 2018.” (source)

So can you install an energy system with any solar installer?

The answer is no. Not every company can install a solar energy system on your home and still be eligible for the rebate. As of July 1st, the regulation will change and the rebate will only be available for installers with CEC accreditation. This means the company must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council which enforces strict standards and requirements on installers to earn and retain accreditation.

Energy Makeovers are proud to be accredited with the CEC and will, therefore, be eligible to apply for this rebate with you. You can find our company listed in their approved solar retailers’ list here.

The great news with this change means you can ensure as a consumer you are protected and will have secure warranties for your home and system – no fly-by-night installers will be eligible. But it does mean you may need to check when receiving a quote from an installer that they are definitely accredited with the CEC.


If you’re interested in a solar energy installation for your property, do you have some questions, or would you like to be notified when the solar rebate is available again? You can inquire through our website and we’ll let you know.

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