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It’s summer and the temperatures around Australia are now hot, hot, hot. We have already had some 40°c+ days this summer and there are always more around the corner. Air conditioning, combined with home efficiencies like insulation, double glazing and draft excluded doors can really help reduce the heat in your home, but a sneaky little bit of tech might be warming up your home without you realising it.


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Hey there, sneaky little halogen downlight. You look so small and harmless yet you’re running at over 300°c! That’s right, those cheap to install and cheap to buy halogen globes are absolutely cooking in your ceiling.

The reason halogen downlights run at over 300°c is that most of the energy that goes into lighting the globes is actually spend on heating the elements to make them glow and create light. So, they’re incredibly hot, very dangerous – and wasteful!

With summer here you don’t need anything else adding to the temperature in your home. Now is a perfect time to upgrade to LEDs. Once you upgrade to LEDs you will notice the difference immediately. They’re warm to the touch, but not scalding hot (they run at around 60°c). After you have turned an LED off you can touch it shortly after. If you touch a halogen globe that has been on you will burn your hand – it’s very dangerous.

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85% of the energy that goes into a halogen globe is spent on the heat and only 15% on the light. With an LED 95% of the energy is used in light supply and only 5% on heat.


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  • They last longer
  • They run cooler
  • They don’t create a fire risk like some halogen downlights
  • They won’t heat up your house
  • They can last decades without dying
  • They’re completely free in an upgrade!

Thanks to the Victorian Energy Upgrades program you can upgrade your Victorian property (homeowner or renter) to LED completely free! There is no limit on the number of lights you can upgrade and it extends to more than just halogen downlights. So, if you have outdated and inefficient lights like CFLs, halogens, incandescents etc we can help you upgrade them for free.

The program is to incentivise Victorian residents to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes and an upgrade to LEDs can reduce your lighting demands by 85%. This can reduce your energy costs, your carbon footprint and the heat in your home.


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There are some conditions for eligibility and a minimum number of lights required, so get in touch with us to ask for more information or check out our information page on free LED upgrades.


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