How to keep a solar energy system cash flow positive

How solar can be cash flow positive

If you’re weighing up whether a solar energy system might be right for your Melbourne property, particularly when it comes to the finances, here’s something to consider for your investment.

Check to see if signing up for a finance package can enable a cash-flow positive investment.

What is a cash-flow positive investment?

A cash-flow positive investment, like a solar energy system, is where the gains of the investment outweigh the initial costs. For example, if your energy demands and bill was high enough before you switched to solar you may be able to save yourself enough grid-energy that your system pays for itself monthly.

Let’s say your previous monthly energy bill was $500, but thanks to solar it has dropped to $300 a month. And, when installing your new solar energy system you opted for a financial re-payment plan that keeps the payments at $150 a month. Your monthly costs, plus your energy bill now total $450, but you were paying $500 before, so you have saved yourself $50 a month from the very first month of use.


Weighing up an investment


Weighing up the initial investment and the amount your property will save in energy costs monthly or quarterly can really change what might seem like a scary price tag into an immediate money saver for you and your family.

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