How to tell if you already have LED downlights

Do I have LEDs?

We have written before about how to check if you already have downlights in your property, as it’s a very common question from our customers inquiring about our $59* downlight upgrade offer.

Another popular question we’re asked is ‘how do I know if I already have LEDs’. If you already have LED lights then these can’t be upgraded because they’re already the most efficient light. We thought we would help answer the question for you here.

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What’s the easiest way to tell if I have LEDs?

  1. The easiest way to tell if you have LEDs is to get in touch with us. You can take a picture (on your phone) and send it to us and we can tell you! Give us a call 1300 788 776
  2. Does your light glow a slightly yellow, or orange colour when it’s switched off? If so, then they’re very likely to be LED downlights.
  3. Halogen downlights typically have one lighting element in the centre of the globe. LEDs typically have many lighting elements in a circle around the globe (an image below for your reference for an MR16 and GU10 halogen downlight)

Halogen downlights

Below is another image example of the difference between a halogen MR16 compared to an LED MR16. If your lights currently look like those on the left, then you should be eligible for an LED upgrade from $59*. If they look like the ones on the right, then congratulations – you already have the most energy-efficient lights in place!halogen vs LED MR16sCall us Or view our home LED information


*$59 installation fee in place from 1st March, 2019

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