If your home or business has less than 15 lights can you still upgrade to LED?

less than 15 lights

We thought we’d answer one of our most frequently asked questions about LED lighting upgrades – can we service a property with less than 15 lights?

At Energy Makeovers we’re proud to be an active partner under both the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades program) and Sydney’s HEER (Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit) program. Both programs offer incentives to residents and businesses to upgrade their lights to LED for free or heavily subsidised. We pass the savings on to you, so if you live, or work in Victoria you can often upgrade to LED completely free* and if you’re in Sydney your upgrade is heavily subsidised.


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These programs are available for free, or heavily subsidised because energy retailers cover the cost. All that’s required of you, as the customer, is to confirm we have installed LEDs in your property and, depending on your state, you sign over your Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) or Energy Saving Certificates (Sydney) in return for the upgrade. ¬†We then sell these Energy Efficiency Certificates to energy retailers in their applicable marketplaces and this pays for or subsidises some of your LED upgrade.

A minimum of 15 lights to upgrade 

If you’re in Victoria or Sydney we ask for a minimum of 15 lights in the property you want to upgrade. We can still upgrade a Victorian property with less than 15 lights, we just ask for an installation fee of $99. Unfortunately, properties in Sydney with less than 15 lights are not currently eligible for upgrade.

But why do we ask for a minimum of 15 lights?

We require a minimum of 15 lights for a free or subsidised upgrade because of the resources and costs involved. We supply an A-grade electrician who attends your property for free, or at a maximum cost of $33 (for Sydney). In order to be able to offer this service at such a low cost, we do require a minimum of 15 lights in the property.

As above, if you’re in Victoria, we can still service your property of fewer than 15 lights, we just require an installation fee of $99. The LEDs are all included for free and an A-grade electrician will still attend your property and offer the same high-quality service.


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*Terms and conditions apply. $33 installation fee applies to all homes in Sydney. $99 installation fee applies to homes and businesses with less than 15 lights to upgrade in Victoria.

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