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Interesting facts about clean energy from the Clean Energy Report 2018

The Clean Energy Council just released their Clean Energy Report 2018. This report takes into account the latest figures on renewable energy industries across Australia and how the industry is growing.

It’s really worth a read, but here are some of the most interesting stats

  • Renewable energy now generates 17% of Australia’s total energy generation, including 20.3% small-scale solar
  • 16 Large scare projects were completed and 50 more are under construction or planned.
  • Of the 172,000 household solar PV installations in 2017 and 12% included a battery compared to 5% in 2016. A total of 28,000 battery systems had been installed across Australia by the end of 2017.
  • There were record levels of household and commercial solar installation
  • Victoria’s energy generation was 16% renewable

You can read the Clean Energy Report 2018 here.

figures from clean energy report

cumulative installed solar capacityWhat about Victoria?

According to the report: “The Victorian Government has committed to two renewable energy targets: 25% by 2020 and 40% by 2025. This will be supported by the Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme, a reverse auction to fund 650 MW of new renewable energy, with 100 MW of this specifically for large-scale solar. The scheme is the largest renewable energy reverse auction in Australia and will result in a significant increase in renew”.

Cranbourne, Victoria had the largest number of solar installations in 2017!

25% of energy in Victoria to come from renewable sources by 2020

The largest story and PR for renewable energy in 2017 came with Tesla’s promise to deliver a large-scale solar energy farm within 100 days in Tasmania. Of course, they achieved this and the project created a lot of press and interest. The farm is now up and running and can supply energy to 30,000 homes when needed and stabilise the energy system.

“Shortly after its official commissioning, the Tesla battery showed its worth, responding quickly when the coal-fired Loy Yang power plant tripped and went offline, delivering 100 MW into the national electricity grid in 140 milliseconds.31”

The graph below shows the increase in installs of home solar battery storage.

battery storage growth

The report is really interesting and we do recommend giving it a read. It has some really positive data about renewable energy throughout 2017 and hopes for the future of Australia’s energy industry.


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