An LED Upgrade for a Genesis Fitness Club, QLD

Genesis Fitness, based in Windsor, Queensland recently selected Energy Makeovers to complete their upgrade to LED throughout their fitness, office and bathroom areas.

Genesis Fitness Case Study

As a business that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fitness centres and gyms can see sky-high energy needs so an upgrade to LED lights can have an enormous, and positive, effect on a company’s energy bills.

Not only were Energy Makeovers able to upgrade the lighting systems to LED and get rid of outdated technology like fluorescent tubes and halogen downlights, but we were actually able to decrease the number of lights the premises required by optimising their lighting systems and improving the lighting quality for their members and staff. For example, we decreased the number of highbay lights in the building from 42 to 31.

This has led to savings of:
Over $50,000 per year on lighting costs

Areas upgraded: gym, office and bathrooms
Number of lights installed: 261 LEDs
Money saved: $50,000+ per year
Carbon abated: 204 tonnes


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