LED upgrades around Sydney

Areas of Sydney eligible for LED upgrades

One of our most commonly asked questions is about the areas that we service and as Sydney is one of our latest locations we’re asked most often about this area.

Under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme, residential properties are able to benefit from a range of energy efficiency upgrades like LED upgrades. This program is designed to reduce electricity and/or gas use throughout the state. This benefits the individual bill-payers and reduces the carbon footprint of the state. So, under this program, we are able to visit residential properties (around Sydney) to undertake lighting upgrades to LED for a total cost of $33.

Our $33 upgrade package has been an incredibly popular offer.

So, we do we upgrade lights to LED in your area of Sydney?

We do have a helpful gadget in the footer of our website where you can supply your postcode and it will tell you if we service your location, but here’s a helpful map highlighting the areas we service for LED upgrades around Sydney.

Sydney LED service areas

If you live in Sydney and would like to upgrade your home’s lights to free LEDs + a $33 installation fee, get in touch with us to secure your spot before the program ends or our spaces are full.

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