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LEDs are a fast and cheap way to reduce your office running costs

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If you manage or own a business that runs in an office or a retail shop in Sydney then we have amazing news for you! We know, as a business manager, you’re probably looking for ways to save money – because, who isn’t? And thanks to state-run incentives like HEER (Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit) incentivised LED upgrades are not only available to residents of NSW but to businesses as well.

Energy Makeovers are an Accredited Partner in the HEER incentive and we’re proud to offer LED upgrades to many eligible businesses around Sydney. This means your business could be eligible for an all-you-need LED panel upgrade for a total cost of $33. All LEDs are included and completely free!

$59* for all-you-need LED panels. Limited Time Only.

But what’s included for $59*?

  • Enjoy better lighting, longer life and get rid of those cracked, flickering fluoros for good!
  • Installation by a fully qualified, A Grade electrician.
  • LED Panels accredited by the Energy Savings Scheme of the NSW government
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How does a panel LED upgrade work?

  1. Contact Energy Makeovers via ourĀ form, phone or check us out on Facebook – make sure you leave your details!
  2. We’ll arrange an appointment for an electrician to visit your business – where they will assess your lights
  3. Upgrade is completed

It’s that simple to save your business up to 68% off your lighting bill, which we all know, is a significant cost when running a business as the lights are often on for over 10 hours a day, if not 24, for some businesses!

And don’t forget:

LED Highbays, shop lights and downlights are also available to offices and shops, so make sure you let us know if you have those lights too!

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*$59 installation fee in place from 1st March, 2019

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