Melbourne businesses could upgrade their highbays to LED for free!

Do you own or run a business in Melbourne that uses highbays?

Do you manage a warehouse or storage facility that uses highbays? Many businesses around Melbourne and Victoria are eligible for subsidies when upgrading their lighting. Upgrading your highbays can offer a huge reduction on your energy bills, plus saves thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

A simple change like upgrading inefficient, energy-hungry metal halide to LED highbays can have a significant impact on the quality of lighting in your workplace and drastically reduce your lighting costs. LED highbays last up to 10 years, provide a cooler, brighter light and offer a 66% reduction in lighting costs.

Best of all, right now LED highbays are FREE, thanks to Victorian Energy Upgrades.

We recently upgraded the highbays and other lighting at Foodbank Victoria:

Foodbank Victoria Melbourne upgrade their highbays

124 highbays, along with hundreds of fluorescent tubes. After this upgrade to LEDs Foodbank Victoria can now expect to see savings of half a million dollars over 10 years! You can read about this case study here.

Could your Melbourne, or Victorian business be eligible for free LED highbays? Why not give us a call and find out (1300 788 776) or complete our online form ad we will call you!

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