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Proposed feed-in tariffs for 2019-20

2019 feed in tariffs

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) of Victoria has published 2019’s potential feed-in-tariff rates for 2019-2020. They haven’t been finalised (yet) and they are seeking feedback on their draft decision, but the good news is they’re still proposing that retailers:

“will continue to be able to offer solar system owners either a single rate, a time-varying rate or both rates.”

How can I qualify?

Whether or not you’re eligible to receive a feed-in-tariff rate for your property depends on the energy retailer you

1. The Single Tariff Rate

The new rate will be a minimum of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour (an increase of 1.1 cents from the 2018 tariff rate).

2. Time-Varying Tariff Rates – breakdown:

The new rate will be a minimum of 8.9 cents and 14.1 cents per kilowatt-hour. The figure will depend on the time of day and week.

If you’d like to compare 2018 rates you can check out last year’s article here. So,

If you have a solar energy system with a battery in your Victorian property you can export excess energy back to the grid on a time-varying tariff and earn higher returns during peak times of the day. Of course it’s down to the energy retailers to select which tariff rate they want to offer, but something to bear in mind if you’re weighing up changing your energy retailer after July 2018.

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