September update on the Victorian Solar Rebate

September Victorian solar rebate

After July and August saw strong and sustained interest in solar installation rebate in applications for the Victorian Solar Rebate the state government-run program overseen by the Andrews Labor government tripled the cap from September in order to accommodate the large demand for solar installations around Victoria.


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September’s original cap was hit within 30 minutes and the increased monthly cap of a further 3,250 rebates was reached within 15 minutes on the day they launched (17th September)!

This means applicants will now have to wait for October and the increased cap for that month to apply for a rebate, where an additional 3,250 rebates will become available on 1st October and a further 3,250 rebates, as part of the increased cap will be added halfway through October, making a total of 6,500.

Allocations remaining for 2019

October: 6500
November: 6500
December: 5000

Total – 18,000


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