Should I install warm white or cold white LEDs?

warm white vs cool white

At Energy Makeovers we’re experts in lighting upgrades and energy-saving solutions. In regards to our LED upgrades we have been asked if we can install cool white LEDs in homes and if this is something you’re curious about here are the reasons we have selected to exclusively supply warm white LEDs:

  1. Cool white LEDs are not that common in residential properties
  2. Warm white LEDs of 3000k replicate the majority of downlights used across Victoria

We have written an interesting article on the Kelvin spectrum and how that works for lighting specs here.


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If you have warm white lights in place you might see a lighting upgrade as an opportunity to install cool white LEDs in their place but here’s why we’d recommend against that:

“Your average halogen downlight lamp, installed across Australia has a typical colour of 3,000 K. This places it in a warm, inviting range, creating a cosy atmosphere. Our LED upgrades include 3,000K LEDs to replicate this warm environment at a fraction of the energy use of old halogens.”

Commercial properties often have high ceilings and “…need staff to stay alert and motivated, so a cosy atmosphere is probably best avoided and therefore 5-6000 K lights are ideal for a business.”

Here is a useful image to see how the ambience of a room can be affected by a change in lighting colour.

Image from Apogee photo


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