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Subsidises for LED lighting upgrades in Sydney now available

We talk a lot about the offers available to Victorian residents under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program but did you know that NSW also has an energy efficiency retro-fit offer available for New South Wales residents?

Under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme residential properties are able to benefit from a range of energy efficiency upgrades like LED upgrades. Like the Victorian program the HEER (Home energy efficiency retrofit) program offers financial incentives for homes and businesses to improve the energy efficiency at home. This scheme is designed to reduce electricity and/or gas use throughout the state. This benefits the individual bill-payers and reduces the carbon footprint of the state. So everybody wins!

There’s a handy fact sheet here if you’re interested.

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Energy Makeovers are proud to be accredited under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme and offer the chance to metro Sydney residents to take advantage of this offer and upgrade your halogen downlights to LED with our Team of accredited electricians.

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We’re able to offer these LED upgrades to assist householders and small business operators under the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) when they install energy efficient electrical and/or natural gas powered appliances under conditions compliant with the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER) method of the ESS.

Prices start from $22 per lamp, fully installaed by a qualified electrician.

This offer is for a limited time only and is in high demand, so find out if you’re eligible today by calling 1300 788 776 or check out our Sydney pages for more information.

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