The false claims of lighting manufacturers

LED technology is developing at a rapid pace as sales of LEDs increase around the globe. The increase in popularity also means incremental drops in LED prices from manufacturers.

Here’s a graph highlighting the drop in LED lighting costs since 2008. Source

Cost of LEDs over time in a graph

As manufacturers compete for market share we do see the inevitable ‘snake-oil’ claims from some manufacturers promoting products that offer LED specs that are not only incorrect, but not actually possible yet with current LED technology.

Here’s an example we received from a manufacturer advertising a product with capabilities not available with current LED technology. We have redacted the brand and some product information.

A misleading LED advert

The claimed efficacy of 175lm/w is technically impossible at the current state of LED development and is beyond the current reach of science. However LED technology does continually improve and we expect that higher efficacy LEDs will emerge in the coming months and years.

We wanted to highlight that some manufacturers and distributors may make claims about their LEDs, but at Energy Makeovers we won’t ever make misleading or exaggerated claims about the products we supply. We test and validate all products we supply to ensure they match the claims from the manufacturers.

If you’re interested in an LED upgrade check out our residential pages or our commercial pages for more information.

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