Top 10 suburbs for solar installations

top solar suburbs for 2019

Onestepoffthegrid has released a great article (with data from the Clean Energy Council) about which Australian suburbs are winning the solar race in 2019 in their annual Clean Energy Australia Report.

As you might expect, Queensland suburbs grab most of the top spots – but there’s at least 1 surprise in there.

  1. Bundaberg, QLD (4670) with 12,620 installations and 47,510 capacity
  2. Mandurah, WA (6210) with 12,276 installations and 37,315 capacity
  3. Hervey Bay, QLD (4655) with 11,387 installations and 39,674 capacity
  4. Caloundra, QLD (4551) with 9,956 installations and 32,117 capacity
  5. Toowoomba, QLD (4350) with 9,386 installations and 36,147 capacity
  6. Wangara and Wanneroo, WA (6065) with 9,350 installations and 37,247 capacity
  7. Nerang and Carrara, QLD (4211) with 8,208 installations and 36,147 capacity
  8. Mackay, QLD (4740) with 8,091 installations and 38,194 capacity
  9. Cranbourne, VIC (3977) with 7,936 installations and 28,453 capacity
  10. Armadale, WA (6112) with 7,923 installations and 29,943 capacity

Your eyes do not deceive you, there is indeed a Victorian suburb in the top 10 list. Congratulations to the south-east suburb of Cranbourne, Victoria for slipping into the top 10 suburbs for solar installations!

Top solar postcodes

Late 2018 saw the launch of the Victorian State government’s investment into solar with their up to 50% off solar installations rebate. This quickly ‘sold-out’ and applications are now closed until 1st July when we expect demand to surge for solar installation, so 2019 should see a huge boost for Victoria’s solar installations.

Map of top solar postcodes for 2019

The article does highlight that apartments are missing out and are often left out of incentives, like the Victorian rebate. As Sydney and Melbourne have the highest numbers of apartment buildings across the country, there’s a large portion of the states’ residents who are missing out from upgrading to clean, renewable energy and reducing their energy costs from grid-energy demands.

It’s great to see Victoria start to compete with large solar installing suburbs like Bundaberg and it’s a really positive step combined with the popularity of Victoria’s solar rebate. 2019 is going to be an exciting year for solar.

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