Now is an excellent time to upgrade the lights in your business to LED

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At Energy Makeovers, employee and customer safety is extremely important to us; so we’re proud to support our staff working from home during this challenging time. We encourage other businesses to do the same and follow the Health and Safety Guidelines from Work Safe Victoria. This means that, for the time being, all enquiries for residential LED upgrades will be waitlisted and we will arrange an appointment to upgrade your property once the state government has advised it is safe for you and our team to do so.


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In the meantime, we are still completing LED upgrades in commercial properties. This means it’s an excellent time to upgrade the lights in your business to LED as your staff are safely working from home, or taking leave. While your offices, warehouses, shops etc are quiet, our team can quickly, and safely, attend your business property or properties and upgrade the lights throughout to LED. Completing an LED upgrade during this time is ideal as your buildings are empty and access is easiest.

As we have reduced our installations in residential properties there are no wait times for appointments and you can use this downtime to improve your business’ cost efficiencies.

A lot of these upgrades are available for FREE or heavily subsidised – it depends on the lights you want to upgrade and the nature of your business. If you’d like to check if you’re eligible for LEDs and if you have them completely free, then it’s worth giving us a call, or checking out our commercial LED upgrade information and leaving your details.

This is also an excellent offer for landlords to incentivise longer-term contracts from tenants or build goodwill in an existing relationship.

Remember: By upgrading your lights to LED you could reduce your lighting energy needs by as much as 85%!

Energy Makeovers is 100% Australian owned and run and we appreciate this is a tough time for Australian businesses. We’re not immune and we want to create a community that supports one another. Your business will help keep our sparkies working for us and keep the lights on in our own building!


Call us Commercial LED upgrades


To reassure our customers, we have increased the cleanliness our installations; we fully sanitise surfaces, our installers wear masks and gloves and we can test temperatures of fittings if required.


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