CEC code of conduct

At Energy Makeovers we are proud to be a CEC Approved Solar Retailer. In order to become an Approved Solar Retailer through the Clean Energy Council, we must follow their strict Code of Conduct that aims to promote best practice measures and activities from businesses that sell and install solar energy systems.

Solar retailers that want to become an Approved Solar Retailer through the CEC must demonstrate a commitment to responsible activity and development in the renewable energy sector across Australia. Our CEC Accredited installers must:

  • complete the necessary solar specific training courses;
  • be bound by the CEC Accreditation Code of Conduct and the CEC Accreditation Terms and Conditions;
  • comply with the CEC Design and Install Guidelines, relevant Australian Standards and all other relevant regulations when designing/installing PV systems

The benefits of the Code of Conduct aims to prevent misleading claims to consumers on the performance of PV systems, misleading advertising, sub-standard installation of work and a lack of accountability and responsibility from the installers.


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Pre-sale activities:

These regulations are in place to prevent any false or misleading advertising, marketing and processes and to ensure the consumer is provided with all necessary written information so they’re informed about their purchase and the products.

  1. Any advertisements, promotions, quotations and statements produced must be legal,
    truthful, and comply with all relevant legislation.
  2. Signatories must adhere to ethical sales and quoting practices during all steps of the
    process, including no high-pressure sales tactics, inflated prices etc
  3. A written contract is to be provided

There are many additional notes and details for the pre-sale protections and if you’d like to read them all, we recommend doing so on the CEC’s Code of Conduct.

Post-sale activities

These regulations ensure that the consumer’s rights regarding cool-off periods, deposits and refunds are honoured. It ensures the system is installed correctly and warranties are supplied.

  1. Consumers must be given a cooling-off period
  2. Any design or system changes before installation must be agreed with the consumer


  1. The installer must provide written instructions and a demonstration on how the new solar energy system works by measuring the energy output. As well as how to maintain the new system.
  2. The installer must explain the process of network connection and respond to any requests from the distributor or energy retailer.


  1. A minimum warranty of 5 years is required, including workmanship and products, which must be supplied to the consumer

The CEC Code of Conduct also covers documentation and ensures the retailer adheres to existing legislation and regulations for complaints and cancellation procedures.

By following these strict regulations and being an Approved Solar Retailer, you can feel secure knowing you’re protected throughout the process and life of your solar energy system and Energy Makeovers are proud to support our customers and be a reputable solar installer around Victoria.

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