Why we won’t brand our LEDs

At Energy Makeovers our LED manufacturers offer state of the art LEDs that we meticulously select and test regularly. Just like any industry, lighting manufacturing has its fair share of ‘snake-oil salesmen’; those manufacturers who make claims false about their products that either aren’t true or may not be technically possible with current lighting technology.

Warehouse owner plans to upgrade his lights to LED

So to ensure we offer the best products to our customers; and by ‘best’ we mean those that offer the highest output of lumens for the lowest level of Kw and the most efficient lifespan of globe; we test all the varieties of products we receive from manufacturers on a regular basis. We do this to confirm the level of spec we have advertised to our customers and ensure we’re working with credible and trustworthy manufacturers, holding them accountable for their product claims.

Why does who manufactures an LED matter?

We work on a long-term partnership basis with our selected manufacturers, building strong relationships. This benefits us, not only in the quality of product and low prices we’re able to offer our customers, but also enables us to enact efficiencies in other areas of the product chain. For example, we received some fluorescent tube LED replacements in wasteful amounts of packaging and paper during delivery. Our Director worked with the manufacturing partner and created a box that opened like a cigarette packet, where tubes could be easily removed but protected during transit. This drastically cut down wasteful single-use packaging and the carbon footprint of the orders.

More recently customers have requested sensors for their industrial lights, which we welcome, as it increases energy-efficiency and reduces energy waste by staff who forget to turn lights off in workspaces. As the current lighting marketplace didn’t offer the lights the customer required with a sensor fitted we have been able to work alongside a selected manufacturer to customise an LED with a sensor that will work for this customer and potential future customers.

Why don’t we offer branded globes?

At Energy Makeovers we remain brand and model agnostic with LED lights. This means that we supply the highest quality lights available as dictated by LED technology developments. We prefer not to commit to a specific light because sometimes by the time you’re ready to upgrade your lights the market has changed and that light may no longer be available or a better light has become available because technology has improved and the brand has stopped manufacturing it.

Unlike some of our competitors, who put their brand on lights they buy, we opt for the flexibility of selecting the best lights for our customers. LED suppliers that choose to brand their lights may place orders for thousands of globes that may end up laying around for months in a warehouse. This means they’re stuck with this stock until they sell it and could mean a customer is receiving outdated technology by the time they’re installed. Every recommendation we provide a customer is based on their specific needs and the very best product available on the market, of the thousands available. It’s why we avoid putting our brand on products and why we choose flexibility instead, enabling us to change brands and models quickly and often, based on the market technology.

As a company Energy Makeovers sells a lighting outcome, not a light.

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