Why do we take pictures of your light fittings during an LED upgrade?

Why do we take photos of your lights during an LED upgrade

As the most active Accredited Partner under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program we get asked a lot of questions about the incentive; how it works, why eligible properties can upgrade their lights to LED for free and what the criteria for eligibility are. And a question we’re often asked is:

“Why do you need to photograph my lights during the upgrade”?


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It’s a great question, one we do make our customers aware when booking their appointment and if you weren’t aware we needed to take pictures during your upgrade, then you are now. We have had some concern from customers flagging that they do not wish their homes to be photographed and are concerned about why it’s necessary.

So, we wanted to make it clear why it’s necessary for us to take these pictures and what they’re used for.

  1. The pictures we take are of your light fittings, not your home. Our electrician will take a photo of the light fitting before and after the upgrade – in your ceiling. We do not take photos of your property, any member of the household or your rooms. It is literally just your light fittings we will photograph.
  2. The reason we take these pictures is that we’re required to under the regulations of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.
  3. These pictures are saved in our secure systems and supplied to the VEU program’s auditors when requested. This ensures we remain an Accredited Partner in the program and can continue to offer free or subsidised LED upgrades to Victorian homes and businesses.


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At this stage, it is essential that we take photos of your light fittings in order to remain compliant with the program and complete an upgrade. If you do not wish your fittings to be photographed that is fine and we are happy to respect your wishes but will be unable to complete a lighting upgrade on your property.

If you have more questions about our LED upgrade procedures, feel free to give us a call – 1300 788 776


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