Are you eligible for FREE LEDs?

Ticking the boxes…

for an upgrade from halogen to LED

under the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive.

Where are you based?

The free downlight and $99 installation offer applies to Victoria only, thanks to the rebates available under the VEET scheme.

If you’re based in NSW, we have an option available for residents in Sydney. Check out our information page for details

Do you have lights in the ceiling?

In relation to residential premises and this downlight upgrade, the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive scheme (also known as VEET), for halogen to LED lighting upgrades is only eligible on ceiling downlights.

If you’d like to discuss upgrading CFL lighting or other upgrades on your premises please give us a call at 1300 788 776

Are your lights 12V?

If your downlights are 12V they will usually say on the base of the bulb, or you may also have a transformer in place, although this may not be visible.

Are they halogen downlights?

This subsidised lighting upgrade is only applicable for 12V halogen downlights. If you have already replaced your downlights to energy saving fluorescent or LED lights, we cannot upgrade your downlights under the VEET scheme subsidies.

Here’s a typical halogen downlight for you to compare with your lights.

halogen downlight

Do you have 1 or more transformers in the ceiling connected to your downlights?

Below is an example of a transformer used for halogen downlights.

You may not be able to see your transformer. An Energy Makeovers Electrician can check for a transformer during an upgrade. All transformers are assessed for eligibility with our LEDs and if they’re deemed incompatible, a subsidised upgrade will not be available.

However, we do have GU10 LED downlights that could be used in your premises, where our electricians will remove the incompatible transformers. This process is included in the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive, but please note LEDs are not FREE. More information is available here

halogen light with transformer

Can I have cool white LED downlights in the upgrade?

We don’t currently supply cool white LEDs.

Our LEDs are 3000K, warm white, in colour and they’re supplied for free during an LED upgrade. 3000K warm white best replicates the colour of most halogen downlights and therefore are the best direct replacement for an upgrade.

If you’d like to know more about the LED lighting colour spectrum and why warm white LEDs work best in the home and work-space have a read of our blog post.

Have you ever replaced your lights?

If you have previously replaced your downlights have you noticed if they have an MR16 or a GU10 base?

Halogen downlights with an MR16 or GU10 base, as shown in the image below. Both of these are eligible for free replacements to LED during an upgrade under the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive.

If your fittings have neither of these bases and you’d like to upgrade your halogen downlights to a GU10 fitting then we’d recommend our premium GU10 upgrade instead.

downlight fittings for led upgrade

Do you have a dimmer?

Below is an example of a downlight dimmer. This is used for adjusting the brightness of your lights.

As of 1st February, 2016 the Victorian Government has extended the VEET scheme to include lighting systems using GU10 fittings with dimmer switches. If you have a system like this in place we’re now able to upgrade your halogen lights under the VEET scheme.

halogen downlight dimmer

Can I have an upgrade if I don’t have MR16 or GU10 fittings?

Energy Makeovers are able to provide an upgrade from other halogen downlight systems to GU10 fittings if you don’t have them, however this is not fully covered by the VEET scheme.

Please note we are only able to upgrade a current system you have in place and do not install downlight lighting systems in a property where no downlights exist.

If you have any questions, or are still unsure if you’d qualify for free LEDs with a $99 call-out fee please give us a call at:

1300 788 776

Or complete our online form, available here and we can call you back to keep you informed or book your upgrade.

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Are you eligible for FREE LEDs courtesy of the Victorian Government Energy Saver Incentive scheme?

You may have heard that it’s possible to get FREE LED light replacements courtesy of the Victorian Government.

Under the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive scheme (also known as VEET), which was originally implemented to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses across Victoria, it’s possible to upgrade your old halogen lighting to new LED lighting without paying anything for your new bulbs.

However, as with any scheme, certain restrictions apply.

Your quick checklist for eligibility under the VEET scheme

  • The free LED replacement bulbs for halogen lights applies to residents and businesses in Victoria only. Please note that we do charge a $99 installation fee on all exchange installations.
  • The VEU (previously VEET) subsidised upgrade is only applicable for 12V halogen downlights. If you’ve already had work carried out to replace halogen with LED or energy saving fluorescent lights, we’re unable to offer you an upgrade under the scheme.
  • For residential premises, the halogen light LED replacement offer only applies to ceiling downlights under the Victorian Energy Upgraded Program..
  • If you have a transformer in the ceiling that is coupled to your downlights, we will need to assess it for compatibility with our LEDs. If the transformer is incompatible, unfortunately we won’t be able to carry out a subsidised upgrade.
  • Halogen downlights with an MR16 or GU10 base are both eligible for free LED replacement during an upgrade under the scheme.
  • If you have a dimmer switch on your halogen lights, the VEET scheme now covers lighting systems that have GU10 fittings with a dimmer switch attached, therefore you will be eligible for free LED replacements.

Other points to note about our free LED lighting upgrades

If you are eligible for a free LED replacement for halogen bulbs, we will install 3000K warm white LEDs that are very similar to the light emitted by the majority of halogen downlights. These are not only considered the best direct LED replacement for halogen bulb systems, but they’re the most comfortable and typical colour choice for most homes.

Can businesses benefit from the scheme?

Some businesses in Victoria are eligible for a free upgrade of their commercial halogen lighting to energy efficient LEDs. To find out whether your business may qualify, get in touch with us here at Energy Makeovers.

Any questions? Want to book an appointment to have your free LEDs installed?

If you have any questions about your eligibility for free LEDs, or you want to book one of our electricians to come and carry out the upgrade, please contact us here at Energy Makeovers either by calling us on 1300 788 776 or completing our online contact form.

Energy Makeovers are specialists when it comes led lighting installation, led light replacements, downlight installation & commercial led lighting services. Let us help if you are looking for some residential led lighting or want some more information on led downlights vs halogen lighting.

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