Goodbye halogens, hello savings

Why upgrade to LED lights
in your home?

By changing just 20 halogen downlights to LEDs, you can
save $326 per year on your energy bills.


Cost of running 20 halogens per year: $379
Cost of running 20 LEDs per year: $53

Annual saving of: $326*

*Based on:  20 lamps at a 26c/kwh tariff, old lamps are 50w halogen, new lights are 7 w LED Volume of lamps, hours of operation 4 hours per day, 365 days per year. Energy cost of old lamps is $379 per year, energy cost of new lamps equals $53 p.a.

A few reasons to upgrade


Return on Investment

Even if an installation fee applies, the amount you'll save in electricity charges will offset this in as little as 4 months!

Improve the look of your whole home

Old halogen lights burn so hot they can create ugly, yellowing marks around the fitting. We are pleased to offer a premium product that when installed, completely disguises these marks and makes it look like you have a whole new ceiling!

Eliminate hot spots

Halogen lights get oven-hot (300+ C). LED downlights are much cooler (<80 degrees) so your home is safer and more liveable.

Protect against future price hikes

Electricity costs are rising in every state across Australia.Some experts predict the increase will be between 5% and 40% . By decreasing the amount of electricity you are using, you protect yourself from increased electrical costs.

Longer lifespan

LED down lights last up to 10 years, which means you won’t have to bother changing them for a long time.

Risk free

All installations are done by a qualified A Grade electrician, using only best government approved products. We also stand by our service with a 12 month warranty.
The stats

Electricity cost savings


Temperature reduction

LED Light

Not all LED lights are equal.

Unlike old school lights, LED lights are sophisticated electronic devices. The quality of components and design affect reliability and performance. Our quality LED lights are designed for long life and high performance.

Highly efficient
Designed for maximum efficiency. Get the brightness of a 50W halogen light using LEDs under 8W.

Brilliant light
Excellent light output in warm colours (520+ lumens) – as bright as a 50W halogen.

Reduce carbon footprint
Upgrading 20 downlights permanently offsets the emissions from your own car plus 5 of your friends.

Simplify and save
Eliminate your old transformer. This saves you more power and avoids the risk of costly replacements.

Designed to last
Our quality LEDs have been designed for long life. They will shine for years to come. (Rated for 25,000 hour lifetime).

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Commercial LED Lighting in Melbourne

Trends come and go but true change often takes time to bed in and become the norm. It isn’t until there is a groundswell of activity and interest in a subject or topic that action is taken by leaders in the field, which is then quickly adopted by those that recognise the cost-savings or profit possibilities that they afford. Energy is a major cost for any business. It’s required to keep the lights on, literally speaking. As such, with growth, these costs increase and so efficiencies are sought.
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Commercial LED Lighting Experts Serving Melbourne

Commercial LED lighting in Melbourne has become very popular over the past decade. As the impetus to reduce the carbon footprint spreads and customers demand more of their product and service providers, it becomes inevitable for some businesses that if they fail to move with the times, they will be left behind.

At Energy Makeovers, we are the go-to team for countless commercial endeavours in Victoria and NSW. We started out back in 2008 and our Australian owned and operated business has gone from strength-to-strength since. We have upgraded energy-efficiency in over 250,000 homes and businesses in Victoria and we have earned a reputation as trustworthy energy advisors.

One of the key aspects of our service that attracts so many business people is knowledge of government subsidies and the ability to identify and access them where applicable. In many instances, we can complete full LED lighting installations free and can tap into subsidised upgrades that make the process of changing a simple and seamless one.

The Environmental Effect of Making the Switch to LED Lighting

Each time we switch on the news, we face the reality of how our environment has been impacted by the effects of consumption. It goes without saying that an international reduction in dependencies on energy is required to steer things back to a more stable place.

Here at Energy Makeovers, we recognise that there are countless commercial properties whose lighting systems are outdated. The energy required to light an old-fashioned incandescent lamp is mostly expended on heating the filament. Compared to LEDs, which are much cooler to run and don’t require heat in the same way, the waste differences are substantial. Commercial LED lighting affords Melbourne businesses that are serious about saving a very real opportunity to see huge returns.

The heat that is generated from older lighting systems contributes to the overall temperatures felt on the property. In a country like Australia, where temperatures can soar and air conditioning is a constant presence, this increases our dependency on more energy use. However, through LEDs, you can make a change that can have a trickle effect and spread to other energy-dependent systems, reducing the burden and lowering your carbon footprint.

Questions About Commercial LED Lighting in Melbourne?

Most businesses are unaware of the fact that they are held to ransom by their lighting systems. Energy providers increase the rates charged every year. However, switching to LED now can futureproof you against such price hikes and enable you to control your usage.

At Energy Makeovers, we encourage you to check out the case studies and reviews here on our site to get a sense of the great work we do. We provide the best commercial LED lighting installation service in Melbourne and with our team working to improve your efficiency standards, the future is bright.
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