FAQs for Commercial LED Upgrades

Your questions answered

Why are they free?

Energy Makeovers can supply and install free LED replacement lamps. Installation charges do apply but are subsidised thanks to the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) generated by the changeover.

Where is the catch?

There is no catch. Customers are however required to assign their rights to create the VEECs for the lamp changeover to Energy Makeovers in exchange for the free LEDs and subsidised installation of the new LED lamps.

Will the LED upgrade provide the same level of lighting? We heard LEDs are dimmer...

The LED lamps installed by Energy Makeovers will deliver an equivalent amount of light to the lamps they are replacing.

Why is there a co-payment when you advertised a ``Free LED Upgrade``?

VEECs are awarded to lamp changeovers based on a number of criteria including the type of lamp being replaced and the type of premise the lamp is being replaced in.  The cost of some combinations are not fully covered by the awarded VEEC value.  If this is the case, customers are still offered the opportunity to receive a price offset represented by the awarded VEEC value with a co-payment required to make up the difference.

Which products do you use?

We are product brand and model agnostic.  We are always searching the market to identify the best products for our customers and will change brands and models of lamps if and when better products are identified.  All products we install have been approved for VEEC creation by the Essential Services Commission.

For food industry LED upgrades we supply high end plastic LED tubes to accommodate food safety standards.

What is the warranty?

This depends on the type, brand and model of lamp and can vary between 1 and 7 years.  Energy Makeovers only engage with trusted suppliers and manufacturers and pass through the full manufacturer’s warranties to our customers.

Who will complete the installation?

The vast majority of installations are performed by our own team of fully qualified A Grade electricians.  We also maintain relationships with proven and trusted contract electricians that can be engaged to assist with managing periods of peak demand.  We personally train, test and accredit all electricians that perform services for Energy Makeovers.

Why can't I change the lamps/tubes myself and claim the VEECs?

The VEEC creation rules require that lamp installations that result in VEEC claims must be performed by suitably qualified persons.

Why do you use electricians to simply replace lamps/tubes?

The VEEC creation rules require that lamp installations that result in VEEC claims must be performed by suitably qualified persons.  These rules specify that downlight and tube replacement activities must be performed by a fully qualified electrician that is registered with the Essential Services Commission.

How long will the LED lamps/tubes last?

This will vary with the type of lamp installed, where it is installed and how many hours per week the lamp is switched on.   LED lamps typically achieve lifespans between 25,000 and 50,000 hours.   This compares to non-LED lamps that typically achieve lifespans of between 2,000 and 10,000 hours.

Can I claim VEECs for lamps/tubes that are removed and not replaced?

Not in homes.  However this activity is known as de-lamping and does attract VEECs in business premises.  We would be happy to advise you regarding the potential VEEC benefits de-lamping can offer your business.

What areas do you service?

We service most of Victoria. Some regional areas may be subject to a wait list until an electrician is scheduled to be in your area.

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