VEEC Partnership FAQs

How does it work

Energy Makeovers is an Accredited Person under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) scheme and therefore has the ability to create VEEC’s for LED tube replacements in commercial premises. Energy Makeovers can complete all the necessary paper work and evidence collection to allow your installations to generate VEECs.

Why can’t I claim certificates myself?

VEECs can only be created by a parties approved as “Accredited Persons” by the scheme regulator. The regulator has a strict accreditation process and requires detailed evidence for each certificate creation.

What services do you offer?

We provide a full service offer as well as a VEEC creation only service.

In our full service offer we complete all of the paperwork and collect all of the evidence necessary to create VEECs.  All you have to do is tell us when you are starting the job and when you have finished and we look after everything else.

Our VEEC creation only service allows companies that are familiar with Commercial Lighting VEEC requirements to complete their own VEEC documentation and submit this to us through our online Service Portal to create the VEECs.

How much do I get paid for the VEECs?

VEECs are traded every day in a live trading market and the value of VEECs moves up and down based on the prevailing market conditions.  You will be paid based on the number of VEECs registered by the regulator multiplied by the VEEC price we publish on our website at the time the VEECs are registered.

From this we deduct a fee per VEEC based on the level of service you have selected.   We benchmark our VEEC price every day to ensure it is the highest available in the market.   Please refer to our Fee Schedule to understand the fees applicable to our services.

How long do I have to wait to get paid for the VEECs?

As soon as the regulator registers the VEECs we create for you, we will pay you for the VEECs.  The time it takes the regulator to complete their review and registration process depends heavily on the quality of the evidence submitted and the risk rating of the company creating the VEECs.  Energy Makeovers is rated as a low risk, highly compliant Accredited Person by the regulator so our VEECs are created more quickly than other companies.  Typical payment time is less than 8 weeks

Are there min/max tube quantities?

To be viable, a project must include at least 50 tube replacements.  There is no maximum quantity.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Installation must be in a commercial premise located in Victoria.
  • Installed products must be approved by the regulator.
  • All products must be installed by fully qualified A grade electricians registered with the regulator.
  • VEEC creation must be undertaken by a company accredited by the regulator.
  • All supporting documentation and evidence must be submitted when the VEECs are created.
  • VEECs must be created within 6 months of the year following the date the installation was completed.

Does this offer apply to all LED tubes?

No.  Only products approved by the regulator are eligible for VEEC creation.  Lists of approved products can be found on the regulators website at:

Energy Makeovers can also supply you with great quality VEEC approved lights at heavily discounted prices based on our buying power and relationships with key manufacturers.  Please contact us if you would like more information.

Can I claim VEECs for other types of lights?

Yes.  We can create VEECs for the full range of commercial lighting products approved by the regulator.

What if my installation is not accepted by the regulator?

Energy Makeovers can assist you to ensure all necessary evidence is captured to allow certificates to be registered.  However payment can only be made for VEECs deemed as valid by the regulator.

Can the regulator cancel VEECs after they have been registered?

Yes.  The regulator completes random field audits of installations where VEECs have been claimed.  If they identify any problems that result in them assessing the VEECs as being either ineligible or over-claimed, they will require the Accredited Person to surrender a corresponding volume of VEECs.  In these circumstances we must recover the VEECs or the equivalent market value from you.

Do you have further information?

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