How much will we save with commercial solar panels?

Big bill big savings

How much your Melbourne business will save on solar depends on a number of factors. Everything from what your business does, the roof size and what orientation it is to how much shade falls on your building will impact on how much your business can benefit from a solar system.

An Energy Makeovers Solar Expert will work with you to design the system to suit your business needs and maximise your savings.

Pays for itself

An Energy Makeovers efficiency expert will work with you to design a solar panel system for the needs of your business.

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We’ll show you how quickly FREE electricity from the sun will pay for your investment. As electricity prices increase the savings just get better and better. Contact one of our Energy Efficiency Experts today to see how quickly your
solar investment will pay for itself.

Compounding savings

Energy Makeovers build and install quality solar panels and solar power systems that deliver high efficiency, reliability and long life. We use proven, reliable and long-lasting components to protect your energy future. You’ll save year after year because your business’ new solar power system has an expected life of 25 years.

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