Company Policies

Privacy Policy

Energy Makeovers is bound by and comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, as provided in the Federal Privacy Act 1988 and Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012. We respect your privacy. Any personal information that we collect about you will be used and disclosed by us so that we can provide you with the services that you have requested, or otherwise to enable us to carry out our business. Please be assured we will not disclose information about you unless the disclosure is required or authorised by law, you have consented to our disclosing the information about you, or for another purpose (related to the primary purpose of collecting that information) that you would reasonably expect.

For further information regarding how we treat private information, please refer to our full Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.

Social and Corporate Responsibility Policy

Energy Makeovers recognises that its business activities have an impact on the quality of people’s lives, not only today but in the future. Our licence to operate is granted by all members of the communities within which we operate. By acknowledging this, we can live up to the expectations of all our stakeholders and future generations.

Energy Makeovers is dedicated to enhancing the environmental outcomes or reducing the environmental impacts of its customers in ways that are commercially sustainable on a long term basis. The benefits of sustainable solutions are permanent and immediate and are to be achieved in ways that minimise Energy Makeovers’ own impact on the environment and society at large. With this in mind, the objective of this policy is to provide a reference point to guide stakeholders, including all employees, on the elements that drive the conduct of Energy Makeovers business. These are reflected in the following policy statements:

Standards of Business Conduct (Code of Ethics)
We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. Energy Makeovers accepts that it has a moral obligation to act as a responsible corporate citizen in all jurisdictions.

Our objective is to reduce our impact on the environment including factors contributing to climate change, through a commitment to continual improvement and to comply with environmental legislation and regulations.

Health and Safety
The welfare and safety of our employees is paramount. We are committed to a program of activities to achieve continuous improvement in health and safety performance.

Energy Makeovers operates on the basis of communicating openly with all of its stakeholders whether they are shareholders, government departments or agencies, the local community, employees, customers or suppliers. Honesty and integrity in communications is regarded as the key pillar in establishing Energy Makeovers’ reputation as a credible and trustworthy member of the business community.

We are guided by our aim to deliver a competitive and fair employment environment and the opportunity to develop and advance individuals subject to personal performance and business opportunity. We do not discriminate in any way with respect to employment or advancement and encourage all employees to work collaboratively in pursuing Energy Makeovers’ objectives.

We are committed to diversity in the workplace that reflects the local communities within which we operate and a work environment that ensures equal opportunity for all. We encourage different approaches and ideas from different backgrounds and experience to bring fresh thinking to our organisation.

Our business and livelihood depend upon our customers. Every employee contributes to our relationships with our customers and is personally responsible for ensuring that any contact with our customers reflects professionalism, efficiency and honesty. We constantly strive to provide high quality service and products.

Suppliers and Contractors
We consider our suppliers and contractors as our partners and work with them to help us achieve our quality aspirations in the delivery of our products and services. As such, we establish long term relationships with suppliers who actively assist Energy Makeovers to achieve its commercial objectives.

We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen through support for appropriate non-political and non-sectarian organisations. We recognise that our business activities have varying direct and indirect impacts on the societies in which we operate. We endeavour to manage these in a responsible manner, believing that sound and appropriate performance in this area is critical to business success.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for ensuring Energy Makeovers’ continued commitment to continuously improving our social responsibility program and encouraging our business partners to implement corporate social responsibilities appropriate to their businesses.

Health, safety and environment policy

At Energy Makeovers, we value the wellbeing of our employees, contractors, customers, the communities in which we operate and the environment. We are committed to responsible management practices that minimise any adverse health, safety or environmental impacts, and enhance benefits associated with our activities, products or services.

It is a condition of employment/engagement that all Energy Makeovers employees/contractors conduct themselves and exhibit behaviours consistent with this policy.

This policy requires employees/contractors to:

  • Identify hazards and reduce risks to as low as reasonably practicable where there is potential to cause injury or illness to people, or to
  • Adversely impact the environment or the community
  • Carry out their work in a manner that does not present a risk to themselves, others or the environment
  • Comply with relevant HSE legal requirements and other commitments

In implementing this policy we will engage with our employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners, customers and Government and communicate expectations to all persons working with or on behalf of Energy Makeovers.


Energy Makeovers’ Board is responsible for establishing and overviewing Energy Makeovers’ commitment to manage HSE in accordance with this Policy and for monitoring the performance of the Company with respect to its implementation.

Dispute Resolution Process

Our commitment to you

Energy Makeovers works hard at building strong individual relationships with its clients. This requires communication, accessibility, and a commitment to quality products and services, in order to produce an organisational culture focused on exceeding client expectations.

However, even in this situation, disputes do inevitably arise and we have therefore developed the following Complaints and Dispute ResolutionProcess which is fair, efficient and accessible to all our clients.


If you would like to make a complaint you should telephone our head office on 1300 90 14 16 and speak to one of our friendly staff, who will do their best to assist you. If our staff member is not able to resolve your complaint they will refer the complaint to our Office Manager who will do their best to assist you.

We will respond to your complaint within 15 business days provided we have all the information necessary to deal with your complaint. Where we need further information we will agree on an alternative timeframe with you.

Where a complaint cannot be resolved by our Office Manager, you can request that the matter be referred to one of our Directors who will treat your complaint as a dispute and endeavour to resolve it.

Complaints and Dispute Identification Procedures

The Energy Makeovers’ Complaints and Dispute Resolution Process applies to all complaints and disputes arising out of any product or service we provide to clients, and any action or omission by us, our officers or service providers. It includes complaints and disputes about:

  • Any aspect of our service
  • Our service providers, contractors and sub-contractors
  • Gaining access to information we hold about you
  • Debt collection by us from third parties

A dispute is defined as “an unresolved complaint” conveyed to us, together with a request that we remedy the situation. A dispute has arisen when:

  • you advise that a dispute has arisen and request that the matter be dealt with by Energy Makeovers Dispute Resolution Process;
  • you are asked by us whether or not you wish the matter be dealt with by Energy Makeovers Dispute Resolution Process as a dispute and you request us to do so; or
  • we of our own instigation refer the matter to the Energy Makeovers Dispute Resolution Process as a dispute.

External dispute resolution

If we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 45 days we will inform you of the reasons for the delay and that you may take the complaint or dispute to our External Dispute resolution scheme even if we are still considering it. There are several external dispute resolution options which may be available to you.

These include:

  • The Privacy Commissioner (we will provide details of this service, which applies in the instance of disputes regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information)
  • The formal legal process, including:
    • – the courts
    • – mediation
    • – arbitration
    • – small claims tribunals.

Hardship Policy (OES customers only)

We understand that energy is an essential service for every household, so disconnection will have significant implications. We want to avoid this wherever possible.

We understand that there can be times when our residential customers intend to pay their energy bills but, through no fault of their own, may be struggling to pay them by the due date. We accept the general principle that disconnection of an essential service will be the last resort which should only be used when all other options for payment of bills have failed.

This policy outlines the minimum standards we will adopt to identify residential customers who are experiencing payment difficulties due to financial hardship and assist customers to better manage their energy bills so that the risk of disconnection is reduced or eliminated.

General training in this policy is part of induction and ongoing training for all staff and contractors working in our retail energy supply business. More detailed training is made available for people actively involved in managing this policy.
The policy can be downloaded from our website or we can send it to you by contacting us directly by phone or email.