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More than 244,000 Victorians have already made the switch from halogen downlights to LEDs.

Not only are they leading the way towards a sustainable future, it’s cost them nothing to go there, thanks to the Victorian Government*. They’re saving money (paying up to 87%* less on their lighting bills).

They change fewer light bulbs, less often (LEDs last up to 12 times longer than halogens). And their homes are a little safer (LEDs runs at 80℃, halogens at 300℃).

Simply book Energy Makeovers to upgrade to LEDs, join your fellow Victorians and stand out from the crowd!

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*This service is made possible by the Victorian Government’s Energy Saver Incentive scheme. Energy Makeovers is an Accredited Person under the scheme. Offer currently available to residents and businesses of greater Melbourne and most of regional Victoria. For a completely free changeover we ask that you have a minimum of 20 halogen fittings. If you have fewer than 20, we can still help, but there will be a small charge – ask us for more details. We offer a 1.5 year warranty on the Ecomatters LED downlight – click here for warranty details. If we visit your home and your fittings aren’t suitable for changing we’ll let you know and there will be no charge for the visit. For detailed terms & conditions, click here.