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If you have GU10 fittings already in place we can upgrade your halogen downlights to FREE LEDs*!

Reserve your space today to start saving on your electricity bill. Simply complete our form here or give us a call 1300 788 776.

Why upgrade from halogen to LED?

  • 1 year warranty for commercial installations, 2 years for residential.
  • A single lamp uses just 6W (watts) to produce the same light output as a 50W halogen bulb.
  • A manufacturer rated lifetime value of 32,000 hours.
  • Free LED replacements for already existing GU10 fittings that are being upgraded from halogen to LED.

Annual energy saving of changing just 20 LEDs is $313.90*

*Based on: Assuming 20 lamps at a 25c/kwh tariff, old lamps are 50w halogen, new lights are 7 w LED Volume of lamps, hours of operation 4 hours per day, 365 days per year. Energy cost of old lamps is $365 per year, energy cost of new lamps equals $51.10 p.a.

Is it really free?

Our LEDs are free thanks to the Victorian Government’s Energy Saver Incentive/Energy Efficiency Target scheme. 

*Upgrade today for just $99. All LEDs installed by a fully qualified Electrician.

Please note during upgrades of GU10 downlights, LEDs are free for those premises with GU10 fittings already in place. If you have MR16 fittings and would like to upgrade to GU10s please visit our information page, or give us a call.

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Step 2. We’ll book a date

We’ll discuss whether GU10 lights are right for you and book an appointment that suits your schedule.

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Step 3. LEDs installed

Our certified electricians will visit your home or office to upgrade your downlights

GU10 LED Downlight FAQs

Are they free?

As of 1st February, 2016 our energy efficient GU10 (240V) LED downlights are included in the Victorian Government’s Energy Saver incentive. In order to be eligible for these free LEDs you must already have GU10 fittings in place and must be upgrading from GU10 halogen bulbs to GU10 LEDs.

The installation is covered under the scheme, which means that you won’t pay for installation by a certified electrician.

All upgrades will incur a $99 call-out fee.

Is the LED light as bright as my halogen downlights?

Let’s get technical: 50W halogen downlights in the ceiling typically output 500 or more lumens (brightness) with a beam angle of around 60 degrees. Inferior LED downlights tend to output between 200 and 400 lumens, with a beam angle of just 30-35 degrees, resulting in dim and uneven light. Our commitment to ensuring quality means our 6W GU10 LED downlights output a minimum of 590 lumens with a wide 60 degree beam angle, resulting in equal or improved lighting in your home.

Can they be dimmed?

Our FREE GU10s included in the offer are dimmable and may work with a pre-existing dimmer switch. A new digital dimmer switch may need to be installed. Our electrician will assess if this is required. An extra charge will be applied if your dimmer needs to be changed. Alternatively your dimmer can be disconnected.

How long do they last?

Energy efficient LED bulbs available through Energy Makeovers have a manufacturer rated life span of 35,000 hours. The GU10 LED bulb also comes with a 1 year warranty for commerical upgrades and 2 years for residential.

Who does the lighting upgrade?

When you book your LED upgrade Energy Makeovers will send a certified A-grade electrician to install your LED downlight upgrade, meaning a safe, professional service for our customers at no cost to you, thanks to the Victorian Government’s Energy Saver Scheme.

Can I keep the existing halogen downlights that you remove?

To ensure that old halogen downlights are recycled without harming the environment and replaced safely Energy Makeovers will decommission all halogen lamps and transformers that are removed in the process of upgrading your LED lights.

Under the regulations of the VEET scheme we’re required only to decommission old halogens, however looking after the environment is important to us so we have partnered with a third party that not only decommissions the bulbs but recycles their components in an eco-friendly way.

What happens if my transformers are not compatible?

Traditionally GU10 globes do not require transformers so this should not be an issue. When an Energy Makeovers’ electrician visits you they will be able to assess whether an upgrade to the GU10 LED downlight is possible. A call-out-fee is non-refundable if transformers are not compatible. The electrician will discuss this with you and you can call our Energy Saving Team to discuss your options at 1300 788 776

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

If you have a question we haven’t answered here feel free to call our Energy Saving Experts and discuss a GU10 LED downlight upgrade today

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