Downlight upgrades


Energy Makeovers will upgrade your halogen downlights to energy-efficient LEDs. And thanks to the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive, the LEDs are free (installation charges apply). Complete the form to book your appointment.

Book your LED upgrade today and start saving!

Call 1300 788 776 or complete our form to secure your offer.

Here’s why it makes sense

  • LEDs are more energy-efficient than halogens, so they can save you up to 85% on your lighting bill
  • LEDs last longer – more than 10 years (halogens may last only 13 months) – so you need to change them less often
  • LEDs are safer – they run 220℃ cooler than halogens

What’s it cost?

If your current lights are eligible, then our LEDs are FREE, thanks to the Victorian Government’s Energy Saver Incentive/Energy Efficiency Target scheme. As of June 2017 we now charge a $99 installation fee for all downlight upgrades.


If you live in Melbourne or most regional Victorian areas, we can help you start to save today! We apologise if this does not include where you live. We will save your details on our waiting list and be in touch as we expand across the rest of Australia!

If you’re based in Sydney Metro, please check out our NSW information page for LED upgrades in your area.

Benefits of an upgrade

Fill out the form for a FREE consultation.

For more information on free LEDs please click here.

For more details on locations please see our locations page.

*All upgrades will incur a $99 non-refundable call-out fee.

Energy Makeovers has helped over 250,000 Australian homes and businesses save energy, time and money.

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