Upgrade to LED and SAVE.


From February 1, 2018 (previously January 1), the Victorian Government is planning to reduce subsidies for commercial lighting upgrades. DON’T MISS OUT

Blown high bays and flickering fluoros cost owners and tenants $1,000s in maintenance costs.

If you own or tenant any commercial building, you know how painful it is to replace blown bulbs. Electricians, scissor lifts and unnecessary down-time: it is an expensive and inconvenient exercise.

The solution? Upgrade to cost efficient, energy saving LED lighting.

LED lights last up to 10 years, provide a cooler, brighter light and offer a 66% reduction in lighting costs.

Best of all, the upgrade could be heavily subsidised, thanks to the Victorian Government’s Energy Saving scheme.

An upgraded warehouse with 100 fluoros and 30 highbay lamps will have an annual saving of $9,062*.

We can show you how much your building can save.

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*Savings based on replacing 100 x 36w fluoro tubes with 12w LED tubes and 30 x 400w highbay lamps with 150w LED highbay lamps, avoided replacement of 40% fluoro tubes per year and 30% highbay lamps per year, 50 hours operation per week, 48 weeks per year, electricity costs of 25ckwh

Benefits of an LED Upgrade

• Makes the building more energy efficient – a great selling / leasing point of difference
• Smaller energy bills – save up to 66% on lighting bills a year
• Better quality lighting for you and your tenants
• LEDs last up to 10 years, so maintenance costs for owner are significantly less
• Heavily subsidised

Why Energy Makeovers?

Energy Makeovers is the leading LED upgrader in Victoria, having helped 250,000 homes and businesses save time, energy and money. We get it done quickly, quietly and with a minimum of fuss to the workplace.

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