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From February 1, 2018 (previously January 1), the Victorian Government is planning to reduce subsidies for commercial lighting upgrades. DON’T MISS OUT

LED Upgrade offer for Businesses

Register your interest in our LED upgrade for businesses program using the form below, and we will contact you to discuss upgrading your lights. *Free LEDs are available for qualifying businesses. Terms and conditions apply.

Read Our Case Studies

Check out our commercial case studies to see some examples of Australian businesses that have completed energy efficient upgrades with Energy Makeovers.

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Electricity cost savings

A list of the lights that are eligible for upgrade

Did you know…

Upgrading your warehouse’s old fluorescent tubes to our new LED tubes not only saves your lighting bill (saving up to 66%), it reduces waste heat, reduces your carbon footprint, improves the quality of lighting for your staff and puts an end to that irritating ‘flicker’ associated with old fluorescent tubes.

What facilities qualify?

Under the regulations of the VEET scheme, warehouse facilities that are eligible for LED upgrades under this offer include:

“Warehouses, wholesale storage and display areas.”

Have some questions?

Why not have a look at our FAQs page or give us a call 1300 788 776
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LED Warehouse Lighting

Could your warehouse qualify for subsided LED warehouse lighting?

If you’ve ever thought about upgrading the current lighting in your warehouse, don’t do anything until you’ve spoken to Energy Makeovers.

We’re not just specialists in upgrading warehouse and factory lighting to LED warehouse lighting, but as we’re an accredited member of Victoria’s VEU Program (or VEET scheme), we may be able to carry out the upgrade with free or subsidised lights.

Under the regulations of the scheme, if you run a warehouse, wholesale storage or display area, you could be eligible for an LED upgrade.

Why should you upgrade your factory or warehouse lighting?

For starters, it’s going to save you money. Upgrading your old lighting to new LED tubes could save you up to 66% on your lighting bills, plus it will reduce waste, heat, improve the quality of the lighting for your staff, and reduce your carbon footprint too.

Plus, if you or your staff have ever complained about the ‘flicker’ that comes with fluorescent lighting – upgrading your tubes to LED factory lighting will put an end to that too.

How will the new lighting system installation be carried out?

Prior to the installation, one of our experienced Energy Efficiency Experts will pay a visit to your warehouse to carry out a thorough assessment.

We’ll then draw up a customised proposal detailing the upgrade, free of charge. All our electrical team are A-grade electricians with experience in retrofit services. Plus we’ll replace your existing light fittings with new LED lighting quickly and efficiently, working around your schedule to ensure that the downtime is kept to a minimum.

What you’ll get with an Energy Makeovers warehouse or factory lighting upgrade

Our lighting upgrade installation service includes everything you need to start your electricity savings. From new high-quality LEDs from leading manufacturers with 3-year product and labour warranties to the issuing of a Certificate of Electrical Safety, and high-quality installation service from our expert electricians, your warehouse or factory lighting upgrade will ensure that your new lights are ready to start saving you money as quickly as possible.

After installation, you’ll not only notice that your lighting is just as bright as the lights we’ve replaced, but that the bulbs don’t throw out as much heat; plus, you won’t constantly be changing the bulbs as LED lights last much longer than older lighting technology.

Want to find out if you’re eligible for an upgrade to state-of-the-art LED warehouse lighting fixtures?

Then get in touch with the team here at Energy Makeovers now, either by calling us on 1300 788 776 or completing our online contact form.

Or why not take a look at some of our case studies to see how we’ve already enabled warehouses and factories in Victoria to save money on their lighting bills?

But don’t leave it too late! From February 1, 2018, the Victorian Government is planning to reduce subsidies for factory lighting upgrades, and you don’t want to miss out.

Energy Makeovers are specialists when it comes led lighting installation, led light replacements, downlight installation & commercial led lighting services. Let us help if you are looking for some residential led lighting or want some more information on led downlights vs halogen lighting.

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Experienced retrofit service

Our electricians will visit your warehouse, assess your needs and provide a customised plan to upgrade the lighting in your warehouse all free of charge.

Shop lighting upgrade

Our service includes everything you need to start saving electricity in your warehouse

  • New high-quality LED lights
  • Professional installation by our A-grade Electricians
  • All commercial projects include 3 year product and labour warranties
  • Certificate of Electrical Safety provided
  • Heavily subsidised installation under the VEET scheme (for participating business – including warehouses)

We can work around your schedule and what works best for you. Contact us now to arrange a booking for your warehouse.

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