Goodbye halogens, hello savings

Why upgrade to LED lights
in your home?

By changing just 20 halogen downlights to LEDs, you can
save $326 per year on your energy bills.


Cost of running 20 halogens per year: $379
Cost of running 20 LEDs per year: $53

Annual saving of: $326*

*Based on:  20 lamps at a 26c/kwh tariff, old lamps are 50w halogen, new lights are 7 w LED Volume of lamps, hours of operation 4 hours per day, 365 days per year. Energy cost of old lamps is $379 per year, energy cost of new lamps equals $53 p.a.

A few reasons to upgrade


Return on Investment

Even if an installation fee applies, the amount you'll save in electricity charges will offset this in as little as 4 months!

Improve the look of your whole home

Old halogen lights burn so hot they can create ugly, yellowing marks around the fitting. We are pleased to offer a premium product that when installed, completely disguises these marks and makes it look like you have a whole new ceiling!

Eliminate hot spots

Halogen lights get oven-hot (300+ C). LED downlights are much cooler (<80 degrees) so your home is safer and more liveable.

Protect against future price hikes

Electricity costs are rising in every state across Australia.Some experts predict the increase will be between 5% and 40% . By decreasing the amount of electricity you are using, you protect yourself from increased electrical costs.

Longer lifespan

LED down lights last up to 10 years, which means you won’t have to bother changing them for a long time.

Risk free

All installations are done by a qualified A Grade electrician, using only best government approved products. We also stand by our service with a 12 month warranty.
The stats

Electricity cost savings


Temperature reduction

LED Light

Not all LED lights are equal.

Unlike old school lights, LED lights are sophisticated electronic devices. The quality of components and design affect reliability and performance. Our quality LED lights are designed for long life and high performance.

Highly efficient
Designed for maximum efficiency. Get the brightness of a 50W halogen light using LEDs under 8W.

Brilliant light
Excellent light output in warm colours (520+ lumens) – as bright as a 50W halogen.

Reduce carbon footprint
Upgrading 20 downlights permanently offsets the emissions from your own car plus 5 of your friends.

Simplify and save
Eliminate your old transformer. This saves you more power and avoids the risk of costly replacements.

Designed to last
Our quality LEDs have been designed for long life. They will shine for years to come. (Rated for 25,000 hour lifetime).

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LED Lighting, Installation & Replacements Sydney

Energy Makeovers are committed to helping homes and businesses to improve the quality of their lighting, and save energy and money too. Over the last 9 years, we’ve helped over 250,000 Australian homes and businesses to save energy, time and money, and we want to do the same for you.

Although our company is based in Melbourne, we’ve expanded our services to offer fast and efficient LED lighting installation Sydney-wide, and specialise in replacing halogen lights with more energy efficient and cost-effective LED lights.
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Who are Energy Makeovers and how can we help you?

Energy Makeovers offer energy efficiency services that have been designed to help residential, commercial and government customers to reduce both their energy spend, and their environmental footprint. Our aim is to provide cost-effective energy saving solutions to home and businesses, not just in Melbourne, but throughout Australia.

We want to the leave the world a little greener with our LED installations Sydney-wide and beyond

Founded in Melbourne in 2008, Energy Makeovers had a vision of turning our world into a greener place. We think we’re well on the way to achieving our goal, as in the last 9 years we’ve helped over 250,000 households and businesses in Victoria to save over $45 million in reduced energy costs, and over 3 million tonnes of carbon. Wouldn’t you like to be one of our statistics?

Our A-grade electricians are saving the world one LED bulb at a time

With an experienced team that’s over 40 strong, you can be sure that when you choose Energy Makeovers for your LED installation, you’ll be getting a service that’s second-to-none. Not only are all our installers certified A-grade electricians, but our management team comprises executives form the electricity supply and energy industries, with over 100 years of experience between them.

We base our success on how much we can save you, and how much we can save the planet

Unlike some other companies who purely run on financial profit, we base our success on how many tonnes of carbon we abate, and how many householders and businesses we help.

We always go the extra mile to establish lifelong relationships with our customers, whether we’re dealing with a single household or a large corporation.

We want to be the company you can trust when it comes to energy advice, and with over a quarter of a million customers, we think we can safely say that we deserve that title. We’re 100% committed to making the world a cleaner place for you and your family. Isn’t it time you did your bit for the environment?

What can you expect when you replace your halogen lighting with LED lighting?

By exchanging your halogen downlights for new energy efficient LED lighting, Sydney customers can expect to save up to 85% on your lighting bill. Then of course, there’s the impact on the environment, and the fact that you won’t have to bother changing your bulbs for at least the next 12 years.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, if you’re looking to upgrade your lighting, we’re the company you can rely on provide the residential and commercial LED lighting Sydney customers need to save money and become more energy efficient.

Why should you change your halogen lighting for LED lighting?

If you’re still not convinced that you should replace your old halogen lighting with new, energy efficient LED bulbs, let’s look at some of the facts:

  • 20 Halogen downlights can cost over $300 a year in electricity charges.
  • 8W LED lighting use 88% less power than a 50W halogen bulb.
  • And yet 8W LED bulbs are just as bright as 50W halogen bulbs
  • Halogen lights may only last for 12 – 15 months, while comparable LED lights can last for up to 12 years, with a 32,000 hour shine time.
  • This longevity of service means not just short term savings, but long-term savings on your annual lighting bill.
  • Halogen lights are a potential fire risk as they can reach a whopping 300oC. In comparison, LED lighting is up to 73% cooler at less than 80oC.
  • Upgrading 20 downlights permanently offsets the emissions from 6 standard cars.
  • Our LEDs are 3000K, warm white in colour to best replicate the colour of most halogen downlights to provide the most appropriate direct replacement.
  • State-of-the-art downlights offer a brighter, cleaner light without the expense of having to replace old worn out transformers, or replace the bulbs every year.
  • Our LED bulbs come with a 2-year warranty.
  • All our LED lighting is installed by A-grade electricians who are fully experienced in carrying out the replacement service; plus they always leave your premises as they found it before they finish the job.
  • Once the work is completed, you’ll receive a Certificate of Electrical Safety, to certify the integrity of the electrical work carried out by us, and to preserve your home insurance cover.
  • Our replacement and LED installation services are available for both businesses and households.
  • Replacements cost from just $15 per light, for a minimum number of 10 lights.

Cut Your Consumption with LED Lighting in Sydney

We’ve reached a tipping point as a society where our choices are more often than not informed by their social value. In business, this is especially true because profile and public opinion are crucial in terms of driving profitability. Green credentials are incredibly important across all industries and businesses that can proudly wear theirs on their proverbial sleeves stand to reap the greatest rewards the deeper we progress into tackling the climate emergency.

Here at Energy Makeovers, we believe that through LED lighting Sydney businesses can add another notch to their ever-improving efficiency standards. There is no question about the quality and durability of LEDs. They’ve been around for decades and when compared to halogen bulbs or fluorescent lighting they offer a greater value proposition. An LED bulb can last for up to ten years, which is good news for anybody that likes to save money and not have to continually replace bulbs, or invest in maintenance.

Heat is one of the main reasons that halogen bulbs are so inefficient. The energy used is required to heat them, which in turn contributes to the temperature of the room and prompts the employees to switch on the air conditioning, which eats up more energy units. The net effect is a highly inefficient system that is energy-dependent and consumes much more than it needs to, all at the expense of the business owner or homeowner that foots the bill.

Making the decision to change to LEDs has the potential to slash your energy bills by up to 85%. That’s a huge saving by any standard and the cumulative effect can run into thousands of dollars over the years. Can you afford not to change when energy suppliers are likely planning another price hike soon?

We Work Around You

LED lighting installation is simple in Sydney. It is made so primarily by the team at Energy Makeovers. Two hundred and fifty thousand customers and counting chose us over other service providers and in little more than a decade we have established our reputation as the go-to people that can achieve the best possible deal.

We know exactly what is required to make the changes to your business. We’ve worked across a range of different industries and we know what subsidies are accessible and may apply to you. This means that in many instances we have been able to complete full LED installations for free, or at vastly reduced costs to our customers.

As an Australian owned and operated business, we want to do right by our fellow Aussies. As such, our team of certified A-grade electricians will work on a schedule that suits you. We want to minimise the disruption that the change of lighting has on your day-to-day business, so whenever works best for you is when we will complete the work.

Best of all, given our success in the market to date, we can often purchase superior products for less and pass the savings along to you. We strive to provide the most competitive service that is available in NSW and those that wish to learn more are invited to browse our case studies and reviews here on the site, to gain a more thorough appreciation of our work.

If you have decided that you need LED light replacements at your Sydney premises, then all you have to do to make this a reality is get in touch with us. The time for change is now and the team here at Energy Makeovers can help you achieve it with minimum hassle.

Organise your appointment for LED light replacements Sydney-wide

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you to save money with our LED light replacements, Sydney based customers can call us now on 1300 788 776 and speak to a member of our team. We’re available to answer all your questions, and organise an appointment for our replacement LED light fitting service.

Whether you own or run a business, you want to reduce the amount of energy you consume in your home, or you just want to do your bit for the environment, we’d love to give you an Energy Makeovers’ makeover, and demonstrate how LED lighting will change your energy usage and your energy bills.

Energy Makeovers are specialists when it comes led lighting installation, downlight installation & commercial led lighting services. Let us help if you are looking for some residential led lighting or want some more information on led downlights vs halogen lighting.
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Please note that currently we’re only able to offer our services to the metropolitan Sydney area. However, we are planning to expand our service to the suburbs, so please leave us your details, and we’ll be in touch when one of our electricians is available in your area.


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