Save $500 Or More This Year By Upgrading Your WHOLE Home To LED For Just $33*

Claim This Offer Now To Receive 20 Or More LED Lights (Worth $10 Each) Installed By A Qualified Electrician – Free Of Charge. This Will Save You $300 Or More On Your Lighting Bills*, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, And Last For Up To 10 Years

Save up to 86%

The Quick, Easy Way Aussies Save Hundreds Each Year & Protect Themselves From Future Price Hikes

Families all over the state have drastically reduced their bills using this simple method. The government offers MASSIVE incentives to cut carbon emissions and improve household safety. This means savings for Australian households just like yours! Here’s just a few of the benefits of using Energy Makeovers to upgrade your lighting to LED…

Save Over $500 This Year On Your Lighting

Save Over $500 This Year On Your Lighting

LED downlights can reduce your lighting energy output by up to 86%. Combined with the lights and professional installation, this equals BIG savings

Keep Your Family Safe & Your Mind At Ease

Keep Your Family Safe & Your Mind At Ease

Halogen downlights run at over 300°C which means the risk of a house fire is much higher than our cooler running LED lights

It’s A Low-Cost Carbon Cutting Upgrade For Your Home

It’s A Low-Cost Carbon Cutting Upgrade For Your Home

Making your home ‘greener’ can cost thousands of dollars but the government incentive means all of your LEDs could be supplied free of charge and installed for as little as $33

Use LED downlights to cut your carbon footprint and reduce your lighting costs

Use LED downlights to cut your carbon footprint and reduce your lighting costs.

Use LED downlights to cut your carbon footprint and make the money back from your investment in just a few weeks

Save Time And Money Replacing Blown Globes

Save Time And Money Replacing Blown Globes

LED lights can last up to 10 YEARS so you don’t have to waste your time and effort replacing blown halogen globes

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Easily Cut Your Household Carbon Emissions Without Forking Out Thousands Of Dollars

We all know we need to reduce our carbon footprint. The problem is most of the ways to make your home ‘greener’ cost you a small fortune. But the government incentive means upgrading to LED downlights could cost as little as $33 for installation – and your LEDs can be supplied for free!

And the carbon savings are significant too. Upgrading just 20 downlights to LED permanently offsets the emissions from your car…AND 5 of your friends!

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Reduce The Risk Of Household Fire With A More Efficient & Cooler Running LED Light

Halogen downlights have started fires in house ceilings putting families at risk. They run at over 300°C making them a serious fire hazard for your home.

LED downlights operate at much lower temperatures and do not get hot enough to burn anything – meaning they are MUCH safer for you and your family. When you upgrade to LED you can rest easy knowing you’re not at risk.

Guaranteed To Save You At Least $500 In The Next Year* – Or Your Money Back

That’s right, for just $33 you’ll save over $500*. This includes over $300 worth of LED lights & professional installation, plus a guaranteed $200 or more on your energy bills. That is not a typo. When you use Energy Makeovers to change at least 20 eligible halogen downlights to LED we guarantee to save you $500* in the next 12 months! In fact, you could save even more. And if you don’t, we will personally pay you the difference of up to $500.

Contact us now and you’ll know exactly how much you save with an LED upgrade. Don’t wait on this one – every month you hold off burns more of your hard earned money!

Hear From The Thousands Of Australians Who’ve Slashed Their Electricity Bills Using Energy Makeovers…

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I have had Energymakeovers do our office (flouros) & beach house & home for LED changeover. Initially I was sceptical about the claim of around 50% saving on the elec bill, however, that is exactly what happened! The new LED flouros are brighter cleaner & cheaper with the previous. I don't normally bother reviewing firms as too busy but have to give an absolute 5 stars to this company. From booking to the wonderful chap that installed the bulbs, could not be happier.

Don't even hesitate at the small price you have to pay for the flouro tubes, you'll get that back on your first or second bill & from then on pure savings.


Ash was clean, careful and very professional. He took his shoes off and did a beautiful job. He explained and demonstrated what he was doing. Couldn't have gotten a better electrician to do the job.

David from Queenscliff

I recently had my downlights replaced and very happy with the work done. Thank you.

Rommel, Keysborough

I had these put in Friday FREE and the light they give off is so much better than what I had.

Anne Maree, from Croydon North
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250,000 Happy Customers Can’t All Be Wrong

Energy Makeovers has helped more than 250,000 customers cut their carbon emissions and save money on their energy bills. We pride ourselves on putting money back in the pockets of Australian families just like yours…AND helping to save the environment at the same time.

We love helping out Australian families but we help bigger clients too. Some of our biggest clients are household names like Channel 7, Chemist Warehouse, Storage King, Epworth Hospitals, Essendon Airport and Petplan. These big businesses were smart enough to trust Energy Makeovers to upgrade their lighting – and now they’re saving money year after year.

We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and have done more upgrades than anyone else – so you can trust us with your home.

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Ensure You Get The Full Benefit Of The Government Incentive

As one of the largest LED upgrade businesses in Australia we’re able to buy in bulk to save you even more money. Our A-Grade electricians do all of our installations. They safely and correctly install all your lights AND you get the full benefit of the government incentive.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Family Is Safe

All the LED downlights we use are government approved for safety and efficiency unlike some you’ll find at retailers.

Other businesses may also use unqualified tradespeople to install your downlights. This is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. We only use A-Grade electricians to install lighting in your home so you get the safest and highest quality installation possible.

Don’t put your family at risk or put up with inferior lighting. Use Energy Makeovers and get the peace of mind knowing you and your family have the best.

If You Have 20 Or More Downlights, You Can Claim $500 Of Savings, For Just $33

Don’t leave money on the table any longer! For FREE, you could save $500 or more in less than a year.*

Fill in your details now and one of our professionally trained team members will arrange for you to have your downlights upgraded to LED by a professionally trained electrician, plus tell you how much you can save on your next energy bill, for just $33.

Go ahead and join the hundreds of thousands of Aussies taking us up on this offer already, and start saving today…

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“$500 saving on lighting bill is based on upgrading 20 or more MR16 halogen downlights (not CFLs) to LED based on the following assumption: lights are operated for 4 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year. Energy tariff is estimated at 26 cents per kwh. Savings are calculated by comparing the wattage reduction from halogen to LEDs. Savings period is for 12 months from the date of completion of all lights available for upgrade. Customer must have a minimum of 20 lights upgraded to qualify. Offer does not extend to lighting or wiring that fails to comply with Australian wiring standards and where additional wiring works are required. Any changes to the household energy consumption through increased usage of existing electrical appliances or devices or adding electrical appliances or devices within the designated savings period will render offer invalid. If Energy Makeovers cannot save $500 on lighting installation and energy costs in the 1st year based on these assumptions, it will pay $500 to the customer.”