The HEER program in Sydney

Do you qualify?

Why is the upgrade subsidised?

Energy Makeovers is accredited under the NSW Governments Energy Savings Scheme, which is a big vote of confidence. We’ve already upgraded more than 250,000 Australian homes, yours is next. Our lighting products are independently tested, scheme accredited and have a three year warranty.

Our upgrades start from just $15 per light and our installations include rebates from the NSW Governments Energy Savings Scheme HEER Program, where applicable.

Energy Makeovers & the HEER Program

Energy Makeovers provides a turn-key service to assist householders and small business operators to obtain a financial benefit from the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) when they install energy efficient electrical and/or natural gas powered appliances under conditions compliant with the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER) method of the ESS.

Energy Makeovers’ services include:

  • site assessments
  • recommendations for efficiency improvements
  • the supply and installation of products
  • the aggregation and validation of data to evidence compliance implementations
  • the creation and sale of Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs)

Are you eligible under the HEER Program?

To be eligible under the HEER method, a lamp has to be working at the time of replacement.
Any dimmers in use will need to be replaced. New LEDs are dimmable so dimmers can optionally be installed where no dimmer currently exists.

Eligible properties under the HEER Program

In order to be eligible the site must be in NSW and:

1.A Residential Building means a building classified as a BCA Class 1, 2 or 4 building, and may include any Non-Habitable Building on the same site.; or
2.A Small Business Building (SBB) means a building comprising total floor space less than 200 square metres and classified as a BCA Class 5, 6, 7b, 8, 9 or 10 building.

General Eligibility Conditions under the HEER Method

1.A site assessment must be conducted. 2.The lamp to be replaced has to be working at the time the new lamp is installed 3.The new lamp needs to achieve stringent performance requirements set by the ESS administrator, IPART 4.Only an electrician or a person supervised by an electrician can remove old lamps and install new lamps. 5.The customer must have said that they are happy with the light distribution of the new lamp. 6.At least four ESCs have to be created from a site 7.Existing transformers have to be on the Approved Transformers List or they will be replaced (at the customers additional cost) 8.Should there be a functioning dimmer on the lighting circuit that the customer needs and/or uses, the dimmer will be left in the circuit if its on the Approved Dimmers List, and if its not, be replaced (at customers additional cost.) 9.Should there be a non-functioning dimmer on the lighting circuit and/or the customer does not need or use it, the electrician will bypass the dimmer (leaving the dimmer in place) or remove the dimmer and install a blanking plate to occlude the hole. 10.The old lamp has to be removed from site and recycled and/or destroyed safely and legally.


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