What are the benefits of an LED upgrade?

Update your Sydney home from $9.95 per light

Like magic, we can make your lighting bill fall by 80%!

Halogen downlights can be wasteful and costly. In an average home 20 downlights use over $500 of electricity a year, last 12-15 months and reach dangerous temperatures of more than 300°C.

1 LED light = $156.50 saved!

What an LED upgrade looks like

Over the span of a light bulb an LED can save on average $156.50 after upgrading from a halogen downlight. This includes energy usage and maintenance.

Just imagine what it could mean for your bills if you upgrade your whole house!

Unlike old school lights, LED lights are sophisticated electronic devices. The quality of components and design affect reliability and performance. Our quality LED lights are designed for long life and high performance°C.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Do the planet a favour, every halogen downlight replaced in NSW saves ½ ton of carbon emissions.

Eliminate fire risks

Halogen downlights burn at 300°C degrees. Not only do they become a fire hazard when nestled near flammable ceiling material like insulation, they also make your air conditioner work harder in summer. LEDs are just as bright but as cool as an autumn day.

Improve the look of your whole home

Halogen lights are outdated and their hot running temperatures can leave dark marks around the fitting of the bulb. You’ll be amazed at the difference updating all your LEDs will make.  It will look like your whole ceiling as had a makeover!

Our Premium LED solution is superior to the Standard solution because they look better, light the room more evenly (more even light distribution, less glare) and will prevent movement above/below the ceiling (sealing the ceiling!)

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Eligible homes can save 25% on the lighting upgrade through the NSW HEER program. To find out if you’re eligible for a subsidised upgrade to LED through the HEER program and to get a quote to upgrade your home get in touch today.
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